Left / right display mode (screen sharing) in Zoom App

When sharing screen / meeting participants, you can switch the screen to left / right mode . This allows participants to tile and display the speaker view / gallery view next to the shared screen according to their preference . By adjusting the location of the separator that separates the shared screen from the video, you can freely change the display size of each. Speaker view and gallery view can be selected freely.

To the left and right display mode

  • Zoom for Windows or Mac version 4.1. 8826.0 925 or later
    Note : Left / Right view mode does not work when dual monitor is enabled.

How to use left / right display mode

Display in left / right display mode

  1. While viewing the sharing screen during a meeting, click Show Options and select Horizontal Display Mode .

The sharing screen is on the left and the speakers are on the right.
You can move the separator left and right to change the left and right screens freely.

  1. Click [ Speaker View ] or [ Gallery View ] at the top to switch the display.

Exit left / right display mode

  1. Display Options and click], [ left and right display mode and deselect by clicking on the option. The speaker video is displayed at the top of the screen, and the shared screen is displayed at the center of the screen.

To automatically switch to left / right mode

You can select it in the application settings.

  1. Click Gear (Settings) in the Zoom application .
  2. On the [ General ] tab, check [ left / right display mode ].
  1. When someone starts screen sharing, it will automatically be in left / right view mode.
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