Screen sharing of Keynote presentations in Zoom App

You can share your Keynote presentation with Zoom.

In this article, you will find some tips for optimizing your screen sharing experience with Keynote.


  • Before the presentation, ” Keynote ” of the ” Preferences to open the”.


  • Check the ” Allow use of the screen ” screen for ” Mission Control “, ” Dashboard “, etc. to allow full access to Keynote slides as Zoom progresses.
  •  If you want the mouse to always be displayed , select ” Show pointer ” when using the mouse or trackpad.

When maximizing Keynote

The Zoom meeting control disappears.

Use Keynote in windowed mode to check the control.

In case of dual screen

You can use the ” X ” key shortcut to exchange displays while in presentation mode .


When entering full screen mode on MacOS

Screen share desktops instead of individual applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Presenter Display function, you will be able to see your current slide, next slide, and Presenter Notes when you press X. When you are ready for your video conference call with Keynote, open Zoom and start it. Click Share Screen at the bottom of Zoom, then select Advanced > Portion of Screen, and then click Share. Click Share to share your screen.
Keep the audience focused on your presentation by showing the presenter notes and current and next slides separately. Click the presenter display window button near the top of the slideshow window in Keynote for Mac to display the presenter display window.
Windows | macOS
  1. In the meeting controls, click Share Screen.
  2. Screen sharing options include: Basic: Share your entire computer screen, specific application windows, whiteboards, and iPhone/iPad screens.
  3. In the share window, you can enable the following features (optional):…
  4. Share your work.


Zoom needs permission to use your computer’s microphone and camera, share your screen, and allow others to control your desktop if you have updated your Mac Operating System to macOS 10.14 Mojave or later.
Occasionally, a host disables “screen sharing by participants” for a meeting and prevents you from screen sharing. By default, this setting is disabled, so the host can only share the screen. Because of this, the host may not have enabled it for “All Participants” and overlooked it.
To enable sharing, scroll down to Allow participants to section and toggle the toggle next to Share screen. Step 2: Join your Zoom meeting using the host account. Step 3: Tap the Settings tab. Select Meeting Settings from the menu.
How to share a file in Zoom chat
  1. Log in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Select the Meet & Chat tab.
  3. Share the file with the contact, group-chat, or channel you choose.
  4. Click the plus button.
  5. Choose the file sharing service from the Send a File menu. …
  6. Tap Connect.


An automatic-graphics switching graphics card (such as an Nvidia card) may cause the black screen during screen sharing.

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