Screen sharing of Keynote presentations in Zoom App

You can share your Keynote presentation with Zoom.

In this article, you will find some tips for optimizing your screen sharing experience with Keynote.


  • Before the presentation, ” Keynote ” of the ” Preferences to open the”.


  • Check the ” Allow use of the screen ” screen for ” Mission Control “, ” Dashboard “, etc. to allow full access to Keynote slides as Zoom progresses.
  •  If you want the mouse to always be displayed , select ” Show pointer ” when using the mouse or trackpad.

When maximizing Keynote

The Zoom meeting control disappears.

Use Keynote in windowed mode to check the control.

In case of dual screen

You can use the ” X ” key shortcut to exchange displays while in presentation mode .

When entering full screen mode on MacOS

Screen share desktops instead of individual applications.


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