How to use Dual monitor in Zoom App

Hosts using the Zoom desktop client can choose to have multiple participants share the screen simultaneously during a meeting. This is useful for comparing participants’ documents and materials in multiple locations in real time (dual monitor).

This feature ( option to use dual monitor ) is enabled by default.

To use dual monitor

  • Version 3.6.17038.1226 or later using the Zoom desktop client (Mac / Windows)
  • Remote support for host is off

To enable simultaneous screen sharing

  1. Start the Zoom meeting.
  2. Click the arrow next to the Screen Sharing icon and select the option ” Multiple participants can share at the same time “.Selecting this optionallows all participants using the desktop client
    to share their screen at any time without host intervention. Please note thatparticipants using the Zoom room and mobile app
    can only share when others are not sharing.
  3. Sharing starts when you or the desktop participant clicks the Screen Sharing icon.
    Even if someone has already shared the screen, other participants can start sharing as well.

Participants will differ based on what is set up.

For participants using dual monitors,
two screens recently shared on each monitor will be displayed.

・ A participant who is using a single monitor
will see the screen that has been recently shared.
Participants can change the screen displayed by selecting [ View Options ].

Hosts can switch to One participant can share at a time at any point in the meeting . Please refer to the detailed steps on how to share the screen when one participant can share at the same time .

Limitations: The option “Share computer audio” and “Optimize for full screen video clips”will not be available if the option to share multiple screens simultaneously is enabled . Participants in the Zoom room or using mobile devices can not be shared while others are sharing.


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