Changing if queue members can opt out in Zoom App

An admin is able to control whether inbound notifications from queues they’re a member of can be disabled by a queue member (opting out of queues). It is also possible to enable and customize the reasons for opting out of a queue if you allow queue members to opt out.

Prerequisites for changing if queue members can opt out

  • Ownership or administrative privileges of the account
  • There are three types of accounts: Professional, Business, and Education
  • In order to use Zoom Contact Center, you need to purchase a license

How to change whether queue members receive calls from queues

  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging into your Zoom account.
  2. Select Contact Center Management from the navigation menu, then click Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  3. It will be possible for members to opt into or out of queues they are a member of by clicking the toggle next to Queue Opt-out, which will enable or disable the option to do so.

In addition to enabling Queue Opt-out, you can also control whether or not specific agents are able to join or leave certain queues by altering their role privileges.