Collection of Windows system information (MSINFO) in Zoom App

You may need to ask MSINFO on Windows to resolve a specific problem. There are two ways to collect this information.

Method 1

  1. Select [Start Button] in Window and search for msinfo32 .
  2. Next, execute the program msinfo32 .
  3. When the application opens , select File and export.
  4. Select a destination, name the file and send the file to our team.

Method 2

  • Select the Windows Start button and search for a command prompt.

  • Next, run the command prompt application.

  • From here, enter the command Msinfo32 / report c: \ temp \ msinfo 2212.txt and select [Enter].

  • After execution, search for the file in temp folder and send it to our team.

  • For more information on the MSInfo option, see How to use System Information (MSINFO32) command-line tool switches.


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