Collection of Windows system information (MSINFO) in Zoom App





You may need to ask MSINFO on Windows to resolve a specific problem. There are two ways to collect this information.

Method 1

  1. Select [Start Button] in Window and search for msinfo32 .
  2. Next, execute the program msinfo32 .
  3. When the application opens , select File and export.
  4. Select a destination, name the file and send the file to our team.

Method 2

  1. Select the Windows Start button and search for a command prompt.
  2. Next, run the command prompt application.
  3. From here, enter the command Msinfo32 / report c: \ temp \ msinfo 2212.txt and select [Enter] .
  4. After execution, search for the file in temp folder and send it to our team.
  5. For more information on the MSInfo option, see How to use System Information (MSINFO32) command-line tool switches .


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