How to share a classic whiteboard in Zoom

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

If you use the classic whiteboard feature, you will be able to share a whiteboard that both you and other participants (if they are granted access to it) will be able to annotate.

Note: This is where you will find more information about Zoom’s new whiteboard.

Prerequisites for sharing a classic whiteboard

  • Zoom desktop client
    •  For Windows: version 3.5.19597.0626 or higher
    • For macOS: version 3.5.24604.0824 or higher
    • For Linux: version 2.0.123086.0330 or higher
  • Zoom mobile app
    • For iOS (iPad only): version 2.5.34521.1207 or higher
    • For Android: version 3.6.17038.1226 or higher

Windows | macOS

Sharing a whiteboard

  1. In the meeting toolbar, select the Share Screen option.
  2. Click on the Whiteboard button.
  3. Then click Share.
  4. There is an option to display the whiteboard in the meeting controls, which can be accessed by selecting the whiteboard icon from the meeting controls menu.
  5. The options for creating new pages or switching between pages on the whiteboard can be accessed by using the controls in the bottom-right corner.

    Note: In order to create and switch pages on a whiteboard, participants and hosts need to share the whiteboard first.
  6. Once you have finished sharing the whiteboard, click Stop Sharing.

Multiple whiteboards in a meeting

If you have simultaneous screensharing turned on, you will be able to share a whiteboard with more than one participant simultaneously. It is, however, imperative that you have dual monitors enabled to be able to see two whiteboards at the same time; either your own whiteboard as well as the whiteboard of another participant.


Sharing a whiteboard

  1. In the meeting toolbar, select the Share Screen option.
  2. From the list of options, select Whiteboard.
  3. Click Share Screen.
  4. When the whiteboard option is selected, the annotation tools will appear in the meeting controls automatically, but you can manually show or hide them by pressing the Whiteboard option.
  5. You can create new pages and switch between the pages of the whiteboard by using the controls in the bottom right corner.

    Note:  A whiteboard can only be created and switched between pages by the participant or host who initiated the sharing.
  6. Upon completion of the sharing process, click Stop Share.

Multiple whiteboards in a meeting

Then, you can send the whiteboard to multiple people at once if you have simultaneous screen sharing turned on. However, you will need to enable two monitors in order to see both the whiteboards simultaneously, or your own whiteboard and the other participant’s at the same time.


Sharing a whiteboard

  1. The meeting controls will show a Share button.
  2. Tap Share Whiteboard and you will see a new window open.
  3. You can use the annotation tools by pressing the pen icon.
  4. As soon as you have completed your annotation, tap the pen icon to close the annotation tools and you will be prompted to stop sharing.


Note: There are currently only iPad versions of Whiteboard. In the case of an iPhone, the Whiteboard option will not be available to you.

How to Share a Whiteboard

  1. The meeting controls will appear where you can tap Share Content.
  2. You can then tap Whiteboard.
  3. There is no need for you to manually activate the toolbar; however, you can tap the pen tool to show or hide them.
  4. Tap Stop Share once you have finished editing.