How to Change your language on Zoom for Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, iOS, Android

On the Zoom desktop client and the Zoom website, you have the option of changing the language displayed by Zoom. Currently, the Zoom client and the Zoom website support the following languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish*
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish*
  • Vietnamese

The language used by Zoom’s iOS and Android clients is determined based on the default language associated with the operating system.

During a meeting or a webinar, hosts are able to designate interpreters to translate between different languages.


Prerequisites for changing your language on Zoom

  • Desktop client for Zoom
    • On Windows: version 3.5.53922.0613 or later
    • On Mac: version 3.5.53922.0613
    • On Linux: version 3.5.53922.0613
Note : Version 5.8.6 or higher is required for support of Polish and Turkish languages.

How to change your language on Zoom


  • You will find the Windows Start button in the bottom left corner of your desktop.
  • Then you can launch Zoom by locating and clicking on the Zoom folder.
  • You can open the notification tray * by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the taskbar on your PC.

  • The icon on the notification tray will become active when you right-click the icon.

  • You can select a language by hovering over it.
  • Once you have selected a language, click on it.

Note: If you were already signed in then you will have to launch Zoom again or sign in again if the application was restarted.


  • The Zoom application can be found by going to your Finder, then clicking on Applications.
  • Once has been clicked, the application will launch.
  • To launch, you must right-click the Zoom icon in the dock or choose options from the menu.
  • Choose a language by hovering over it.
  • Depending on your language preference, Zoom will launch in that language as well.
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  • To change the language, click on the “Change language” button.
    Note: You will need to restart Zoom to make the application appear in the desired language.


  1. Search for Zoom in the list of Show Applications.
  2. After clicking the Zoom icon, the application will be launched.
  3. You will find the Switch Languages icon on the top right hand side of the Activities screen. By right clicking it, you will be able to switch languages.
  4. Select the language you wish to use.
    Note: You will need to restart the Zoom application and sign in again if you were previously logged in so that it restarts from scratch.


If you are signed in to your Zoom account, you can change the language of your Zoom web page.

Unless you are logged into your account:

  •  You can reach Zoom’s contact page by scrolling down any page on the website.
  •  Select Language from the drop-down menu in the lower right corner of the page.

  • Pick your preferred language. This will immediately change the page to your chosen language.

When you’re logged in:

  1. Visit your profile.
  2. To the far right of Language, click Edit.
  3. Click your language of choice.
  4. Save your changes.


The language of Zoom depends on the default language of the iOS operating system. Changing the language of Zoom requires changing the language of your operating system.

  • Your iOS device’s settings are accessible through the Settings app.

  • Tap General from the left-hand side.
  • Choose Language and Region.
  • Choose the language of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the language you would like to use.
  • Click Done.
    Note: Your device’s language has now been changed. The new language will now be used by Zoom.
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When Zoom is installed on Android, Zoom uses the language of the default operating system. You will need to change the operating system language before you can change the language in Zoom.

  1. The first thing you should do is open your Android device’s settings.
  2. Scroll down to Language and Input and select your language.
  3. Tap on the language you want to use.
    Note: The new language will be automatically used in Zoom.