It’s Show Time: Zoom Events Is Now Available in India

There is no doubt about it: virtual events are here to stay, and we can’t get enough of them. There is a high demand for them because they provide a sustainable, wide-reaching, cost-effective alternative to in-person events that is just as cost-effective, but more efficient. It is with this in mind that we have developed an innovative platform designed exclusively for virtual and hybrid events that we aim to help our customers elevate their event strategies. Earlier this year, Zoom announced the launch of Zoom Events, their all-in-one virtual event management solution. Today, Zoom Events has been launched in India, marking the first time Zoom Events has been available in the country.

Whether it’s an all hands meeting for the company, a large conference, or a trade show, Zoom Events has all the features you need to facilitate and manage your event from start to finish. In India, Zoom Events is available for free events (at the moment) and can be deployed quickly and easily by any user, so you can start using Zoom Events right away. With our self-service option, it’s easy for you to get up and running quickly.

A virtual event management solution built for marketers 

Hosting an event is not an easy task as we all know. Organizing multiple events can be a lot of work, especially when you have to manually track attendee registrations, design multiple event websites, and feel overwhelmed by the demands of multiple speakers at the same time. Zoom Events takes care of all these headaches for you. You can manage everything in one place with Zoom Events hub, which gives you easy access to everything:

  • Prepare session tracks with bios of the speakers, dates, and times, and assign each session track to a specific type of attendee

  • Various criteria can be used to customize registrations

  • Decide whether an event will be public or private

  • The purpose of the Expo Booth is to attract sponsors

  • The hubs can be customized with your logo, colors, and social media profiles to make them look more professional

Besides that, there is a lot more to discover. Despite the fact that an event may have ended, your marketing efforts do not end just because an event has ended. We offer post-event content management features and on-demand viewing options that will enable you to continue nurturing leads and extending your brand’s reach after your event. In the event hub, you will be able to showcase your greatest sessions or keynote speakers that you most enjoy listening to.  Analytics and reporting the most important data, such as attendee engagement, most popular content, and most attended sessions, can be leveraged to maximize the impact of data.

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It’s fun (and easy) to make your virtual events feel personal 

Zoom Events makes the process of managing virtual events big and small easier than ever, no matter how many sessions you want to hold, the length of the event, the number of tracks or concurrent sessions you want to run. It doesn’t matter how large or small the event is, our solution will help you create an engaging and personalized experience no matter the size of the event.  Equip attendees with a variety of interactive tools to replicate the benefits of an in-person event:

  • Through the use of event networking features, you can foster meaningful connections and conversations

  • Engage attendees with interactive features such as an Expo Floor to enhance their experience at the event

  • By integrating meetings and/or webinars into your regular schedule, you can increase collaboration and learning

Zoom Events = Zoom Webinars + more 

With a Zoom Events license,  you’ll be able to take advantage of all the features you have access to with Zoom Webinars plus much more! With Zoom Events, you can organize multi-day or multi-session events for your employees and customers, such as sales kickoffs, employee onboarding, and customer events, to make them a successful experience. Have you got a large conference that you would like to host? There is a Zoom Webinar session where attendees can catch the keynote address, and then using Zoom Meetings they can break up into smaller groups if they wish.

When to use Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, and Zoom Events

It is from the Zoom Events platform that you will be able to manage every aspect of your event from the dashboard and Zoom Meetings as well as Zoom Webinars are the tools that you will use to provide live content beyond the Zoom Events dashboard in the context of your Zoom Events event. As a way of helping you understand when each solution should be used, here are some examples:

In situations when your attendees are in small groups and you want to encourage them to interact and collaborate with one another, Zoom Meetings are a very appropriate choice for you. For instance, your attendees may be in the following scenarios:

  • Breakout sessions

  • Attendee roundtables

  • Focus groups

  • Smaller, interactive trainings

  • Networking sessions

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In order to make a Zoom Webinar more effective, if you are planning on having a large number of remote viewers who will be viewing the content and not needing as much back and forth discussion, you should consider Zoom Webinars. There are a number of possibilities here, such as:

  • Keynotes

  • Main stage presentations

  • Live event entertainment

  • Product demonstrations to a large audience

  • Town-hall-style panels

Elevate your next virtual experience with our secure solution

Organizing an online event does not have to be a static process. In today’s world, it is possible to have high-energy, engaging, and impactful virtual experiences, regardless of their size. Using Zoom Events’ built-in tools, attendees can network and receive real-time feedback during events, ensuring they can get all the benefits of attending an in-person event, even though they are not in attendance. It is possible to extend your brand presence beyond the walls of a conference center with a range of custom branding features that will maximize the ROI of your online experience by extending your reach out beyond the walls of a conference center.

The Zoom event management solutions offer more than just engaging and creative features, but are also very easy to use, intuitive and reliable. To ensure that our customers can connect with their audiences on one platform is our top priority, so we’ve made it simple for you to securely manage your Zoom Event, preventing unwanted attendees from joining or disrupting your event. Our Zoom platform is built with the safety and trust of our customers in mind. We have also recently been recognized by Omdia Universe for the efforts we have made to ensure our site and platform is secure.


Is Zoom available in India?

You are able to start a meeting or join an existing one from any location in the world.

How do I find Zoom events?

Launch the desktop client for Zoom and log in.To access the Meetings tab, click here.To see what’s coming up, select the “Upcoming” option on the left.Locate the Zoom Events for which you have registered, and then click the event that is immediately approaching.


How do I join a live event on Zoom?

Go to the meeting ID that was provided to you by the event’s host or organizer.Just hit the Join button.Click the Allow button when prompted to confirm that you would like to open

Has Zoom removed time limit in India?

However, if a Basic user plans a meeting and any paid Zoom Room user attends that meeting, regardless of whether they are using the same account as you or a separate account, the current meeting session will no longer be limited to 40 minutes. This applies even if the paid Zoom Room user is using your account. Even if participants are using a Zoom Room that is part of a free trial or a Zoom for Home device, the meeting will end after 40 minutes regardless.

What is the Indian version of Zoom?

JioMeet, which is India’s equivalent to Zoom, is the app that everyone seems to be talking about right now. JioMeet, which was developed and released by Reliance, is pretty comparable to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Users of the app are able to initiate a call with a single participant or a conference call with up to one hundred participants that features enterprise-grade host control.

Is Zoom now unlimited time?

The free version of Zoom, called Zoom Basic, supports an infinite number of group meetings. There is a duration limit of forty minutes placed on each session while using a free Zoom account. If you need to do group meetings that are going to take longer than forty minutes, you should consider upgrading to Zoom Pro.When you upgrade to Zoom Pro, your meeting duration is never limited.