Fashion Brand Good American Hosts First-Ever Hybrid Casting Experience on Zoom Events

By offering our customers one platform to connect with their audiences, Zoom strives to ensure our customers will have a positive experience with us. In light of this, we are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with a local organization dedicated to bringing care to the community that aligns with our values and passion. Good American is launching a hybrid casting experience for the first time, in which its Open Casting calls will be conducted by Zoom Events, which will allow the fashion brand to conduct the remote castings as a hybrid experience. In the spring campaign of 2023, the brand will feature the winners of the December 2022 casting calls.

Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede founded Good American in 2016 with the goal of offering inclusive denim designs that fit sizes 00-32, and have since come to be known for their campaigns that showcase real women who represent the company’s appreciation for body types and girls’ empowerment. In recent years, a well-established casting and audition company called Good American has been sourcing new models from around the world through in-person, open casting events. By allowing more women to audition using our all-in-one, virtual event management solution, Zoom Events, I hope to help Good American extend the reach of their casting event this year and make it even more successful.

A partnership built to advance inclusivity

Good American, like Zoom, is a brand that strives to create a more inclusive world, and we are excited about the advancement opportunities this initiative will bring to our shared passion of creating a more inclusive world through this innovative partnership. It will be much easier to attend the Open Casting if Zoom’s secure, reliable, and robust video and event features are utilized, as well as Zoom Events’ robust features. Models hoping to audition for Good American can now overcome geographical barriers that may have hindered them in the past.

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Create your own engaging, inclusive virtual experiences

We worked very closely with Zoom Events and the Zoom Events Services team, to make sure the Good American virtual casting experience was as seamless and accurate as possible. Zoom’s Event Services team provides a wide range of services, including event management, creative support, technical production, and day-of support. The white-glove service they offer allows event managers to focus more on delivering quality events to the attendees and meeting their goals, rather than worrying about the technical details of a conference.

Zoom Events has a number of products that can be used to create exciting, engaging, and innovative experiences for virtual audiences so brands like Good American can take advantage of hybrid events as they continue to become more popular. The way we incorporate online participation into our events is not only a powerful means of increasing attendance, but our branded event hubs, advanced analytics, and networking tools enable you to easily manage, host, and measure virtually any event regardless of its size.

By reimagining how virtual and hybrid experiences can be used to enhance business strategies and enhance brand reputation, we can assist businesses such as Good American in elevating their marketing strategies.

You can enhance your next online event by taking advantage of Zoom Events by taking a look at how it can help you.


What clothing looks best on Zoom?

Wrap up: how to look good on Zoom
Wearing solid, neutral hues that match your skin tone and contrast with the background is ideal when you are going to be photographed. Shirts with collars, or anything else makes you feel most at ease. Avoid using patterns because they can give off a chaotic appearance.

How do I look stylish on Zoom?

How to Look Good on Zoom (4 Key Tips)
  1. Maintain an appropriate demeanor while wearing business casual attire.
  2. Find a Place That Has a Good Amount of Light.
  3. Find the optimal position for your camera to capture the scene.
  4. Be Sure That There Is Nothing Distracting in the Background.
  5. Change Your Zoom Background on Desktop Clients.
  6. You can change the background of your zoom on iOS.
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Is there a beauty feature on Zoom?

Followed by clicking your profile image, go to the Settings tab. To adjust the background and filters, select that tab. To access Studio Effects, select them from the menu in the lower-right corner. Make your selections in the “Eyebrows,” “Mustache & Beard,” and “Lip Color” sections, respectively, according to your preferences.

What is zoom casting?

The Virtual Casting Room, sometimes known as VCR, is a platform that gives casting directors in the film, television, and commercial industries access to actors from all around the world. Casting Workbook has merged its 25 years of specialized casting software with the Zoom platform in a way that is completely smooth.

How does Zoom events work?

Zoom Events Features

A digital version of the trade show floor, where visitors may interact with one another and advertisers can post content in “booths”Options are provided for registering for the event and purchasing tickets online. Personalization options for the privacy settings of hubs and events. A video-on-demand library that, after the event, hosts recordings as well as video transcripts.