Manually adding devices to ABM in Zoom App

As long as the iPads are DEP (Device Enrollment Program) devices, meaning that they were purchased at Apple or through an Apple-approved reseller, they can be enrolled in ABM (Apple Business Manager) or ASM (Apple School Manager). It is possible to manage a device from the Zoom web portal once it has been enrolled in Apple Business Manager.

Prerequisites for manually adding devices to ABM

  • An Apple Business Manager (ABM) or an Apple School Manager (ASM) configuration has been completed
  • The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) includes a number of devices that are eligible for enrollment

How to manually add devices to ABM

  1. You can download Apple Configurator 2 from the Apple website.
  2. Connect your device to Apple Configurator 2 and click the Prepare button.
  3. Choose Manual Configuration as the configuration method.
  4. Activate and complete enrollment in the device enrollment program by checking the Add to Device Enrollment Program box.
    Note: If the checkbox is selected, the device will enroll in MDM, but it won’t be initially considered as an Automated Enrollment (DEP-enrolled) device as the device will not be treated as an Automatic Enrollment (DEP-enrolled) device from the start.
  5. In the case of creating a new server, you will need to do the following:
    • On the enrollment page of the Zoom web portal, you will find the group enrollment account url you need to copy and paste after giving the enrollment a name. When you click the Apple tab, you will then be able to select Manual Enrollment.¬†Under the QR code, you can find the url that leads to the website.
      The next step should be taken if the error message “Unable to verify the server’s enrollment URL. ” appears.
    • Select a New Server if you have never created a server before. If you have already created a server, click Next. If you have already created a server, click Next.
  6. When you haven’t already created an organization, choose New Organization and click Next if you haven’t created one yet, otherwise, choose an organization from the list
    When you create a new organization, you will need to follow these steps:

    • Please enter your Apple ID and password that you use to login to ABM/ASM (the same credentials you use to login to ABM/ASM).
    • It is necessary to generate a new supervision identity in the supervision system.
  7. If you want to be shown a specific set of setup screens, select them and click on the next button.
  8. You can choose a network profile by clicking on the next button (optional).
  9. You do not need any credentials for Automated Enrollment Credentials, just click on Prepare to begin the process.
  10. Once you have clicked on Erase, your device will be prepared for use.
  11. It is important to note that, after the device has rebooted and connected to the network, you will see a Remote Configuration Screen. Click the Next button.
    A black screen will appear stating “Resetting iPad” and when you click on it, the device will reboot a second time.
  12. It will take a few minutes of your device being on the home screen for the Zoom Rooms controller app to download and launch automatically once you complete the setup screens.