Minimizing and exiting Zoom

Minimizing and exiting Zoom

If you would like to continue receiving notifications from chats and meeting invitations from Zoom desktop or mobile client while you work on other tasks, then you may want to keep them running in the background. As well as that, you may choose to exit the application to apply any recent settings that the admin might have made.

Prerequisites for minimizing and exiting Zoom

  • There is a desktop client for Zoom as well.
    • well:
    •  Version 5.2.2 (45108.0831) or higher for Windows
    • XP or higher and for Mac OS X 10.7 (Snow Leopard) or higher
    • higher
    • higher. For Linux you will need to use 5.2 (454870.0831) or higher
  • version of the Zoom app for smartphones
    • smartphones
    • smartphones. For Android, you will need 5.2 (45104.0831) or higher version of Zoom.
    • This is for iOS version 5.2.1 (44038.0816).
  • Available for Basic, Licensed, and On-Premise users


Click the Zoom icon in the task bar and then click Close window from the menu, which will minimize the Zoom desktop client window so that it runs in the background.
To exit the Zoom desktop client, right-click the Zoom icon in the system tray (bottom-right corner), then click Exit.