[Participant] Subtitle display method (useful when you want to supplement the sound with text) in zoom App

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If subtitles are used during a meeting or webinar, you can use subtitles as participants.

Terms of use

  • Capable of meeting with subtitles

Note: To use subtitles in Zoom Rooms , see Learn how to use closed captions with Zoom Rooms  .

How to display subtitles

Windows / Mac

When subtitles are used, subtitles will be displayed automatically.

iOS · Android

First, turn on the subtitle feature on your device.

  1. Log in to your Zoom account with the Zoom app .
  2. Click on the ” Settings ” icon.
  3. Select [ Meeting ].

Switch on the subtitle option.

  1. If you are in a conference where subtitles are available, they will be automatically displayed on the screen.


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