How can I automatically display the contacts in my account in the app?


Users in your account can automatically appear in your Zoom app contacts. In order to see all Zoom users using your company email address, you need to integrate new users and existing Zoom users who are personal accounts into your company account.

If you enable Associated Domains , when new and existing users sign in to Zoom , all users with the specified domain will be prompted to migrate to their account. If you do not transfer to your account, you will need to change your email address. This is a useful feature if you want to manage all users with a specified domain.

If you enable “Company Contacts” , it will appear in your Zoom app contacts. This is a useful feature for inviting users in your company during a meeting.

This article describes how to set up “Associated Domains” and “Company Contacts”.

Content of this article:

  • Add a custom domain to your account
  • Manage Associated Domains and Accounts
  • View existing related domains
  • Display internal contacts in “Company Contacts”


  • Business, Enterprise or Education account
  • • Organization-owned custom domains (domains such as @ and @ cannot be used)
  • Have account owner or administrator privileges


Add a custom domain to your account

    1.  Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
    2. In the navigation panel, click Account Management , then Account Profile .
    3. In the Associated Domains section, click Add .
    4. In the Add Associated Domains dialog, enter one or more domains and click Add .
      If you have more than one domain , enter them separated by commas  “,” .
    5. Click Authenticate Domain next to the domain name you just added .
    6. Confirmation of the domain and select one of the verification method from” dialog, click Next and then click:
    7. Follow the instructions on the next page that appears. This page depends on each authentication method.

      Note: The values ​​displayed on the screen below are examples, and the actual download or paste values ​​may differ.

      Add a TXT record to your domain

Upload HTML file to domain

Add a <meta> tag to your domain’s home page

Request manual approval from Zoom Support

  • Click the checkbox that indicates that you have added or uploaded the appropriate information, then click Domain Authentication .
  • The message Verifying is displayed next to the domain until the domain is approved .
    Verification takes an hour to a few days.

If the verification within the expected time not carried out,  [ view details confirmation of]  click. This shows the confirmation procedure of the confirmation method, and you can retry the procedure if it does not complete correctly.


Manage Associated Domains and Accounts

Once you’ve added and verified your domain, you can manage it within your account and allow users in the same domain to integrate into your account.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation panel,  [ Account Management [  , account profile  ] and then click the.
  3. In the Associated Domains section, you can view the domains associated with your account and see the options to enable them.
  4. Click Save .
  5. A summary of the user is displayed.
  6. (Optional) If you have existing Zoom accounts in this domain, click Send Email to notify these accounts of the domain change.

Manage Users With The Same Domain (to manage the account of the same domain) When you enable, users attempting to create a Zoom account in the e-mail address of this domain, you will receive an email asking you to use a different e-mail address ..

Users with an existing Zoom account in this domain will be prompted to change their email address the next time they sign in.

Allow Users With The Same Domain To Consolidate Into This Account (the user of the same domain to be able to integrate into this account)  If you check the option, users who sign up to the new, or to participate in this Zoom account, another e-mail You will receive an email prompting you to sign up with your address.

For existing Zoom accounts, the next time you sign in  , you will be prompted to change your email address , join your Zoom account, or choose.

View Associated Domains

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation panel,  [ Account Management]  , account profile ]  and then click the.
  3. In the Associated Domains section, you can view the domains associated with your account and their confirmation status.
  4. You can see a summary of the users by clicking View User Summary .
    • Check the user summary view to see how many users match your account and how many users aren’t in your account.
    • If not, you can check or delete the domain.

Note  : If Associated Domains is a verified domain, contact the Zoom Technical Support to have them removed.

Display internal contacts in “Company Contacts”

  1. Sign in to the Zoom portal site.
  2. IM management ] , IM Settings ] and then click the.
  3. Turn on the ” Company Contacts ” toggle in the “Visibility” column .
    1. Users in the same account appear in “Company Contacts” under “Contacts” in the Zoom app.

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