Requesting a number port (South America / LATAM) In Zoom App

Changing a number from another carrier to Zoom Phone will allow you to use the number from that carrier.


  • Brazilian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Chilean local numbers can be portably.
    Country Toll-free Local
    Brazil Yes Yes
    Mexico Yes Yes
    Peru No Yes
    Chile No Yes**
  • The porting of the numbers is still not available in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama, but customers can order new numbers.

Prerequisites for requesting a number port

  • Ownership or admin privileges of an account
  • Which is licensed to use Zoom Phone
  • The most recent bill or invoice of the account

How to request a number port

  1. You will have to download and fill out the Letter of Authorisation (LOA) form that is required by the country in question.
    • Should you need assistance, please consult the porting guidelines.
    • It is important that you complete the number swap sheet if you have a POC number (proof of concept) or trial number and wish to have it changed after the port is completed. The numbers replaced will be like for like replacements of those that were removed.
  2. If you would like to transfer your number to Zoom, please email The following information needs to be included:
    • Subject line is required
    • Letter of Authorization must be completed and signed
    • Telephone bill dated within the past 3 months that relates to your porting numbers invoice
    • And any other documents requested by the porting country
  3. Will be reviewed and confirmed by Zoom.
  4. As the transfer request is dependent on your losing provider, Zoom will request that your losing provider confirm the information on the LOA. Zoom and the losing provider will schedule the number port if the request is accepted. Your Zoom web portal will allow you to manage the numbers once they have been approved.
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  • Please make sure you provide information that exactly matches what is on record with the provider you currently use.
  • A letter of agreement must be handwritten with a wet signature and dated within the past three months. Most LATAM countries do not accept LOAs that are electronically signed.
  • On the LOA, the losing provider’s name should be listed.
  • After the order has been submitted, it will only be possible to carry out number portability checks. If you are losing a provider, you may be advised that your number will not be ported.
  • While the number ports away from the provider who had previously been your service provider, you may experience some loss of service as incoming calls while the number transfers from the provider who lost your service.
  • On average, it takes about 30 days for the number to be ported away from the provider who lost your service.


Country LOA and guidelines Email subject
Brazil Local LOA

Toll-Free (800) LOA

See additional requirements.

Brazil number port
Chile LOA

See additional requirements.

Chile number port
Mexico LOA


See additional requirements.

Mexico number port
Peru LOA


See additional requirements.

Peru number port


Additional requirements


Documentation needed:

  • The most recent local service provider’s invoice is attached.


The only numbers that can be ported are those of Movistar.


In order to qualify for this position, the following documents must be completed and submitted:

  • Designation documents (documentos de constitución) or notarized powers of attorney must be notarized. The Mexican Telecommunications Regulatory Authority requires this. Notarization is 100% mandatory. In most cases, the constitution should be used.
  • Identification documents valid (for example, passports or national IDs) by the signer of the notarized designation document or notarized power of attorney document. Employees from Mexico should provide identification.
  • The letter must include the local address (if not in the United States). English and Spanish examples are available.

Additional notes:

  • When you pay a third-party US reseller for your services instead of a Mexican Telco, you should follow the following steps:
    • A third party’s POA and their respective ID will need to be included in the documents as well as the third party’s signature.
    • If the third party does not approve the port within the 24-hour period, then the port will need to be resubmitted.
    • You must submit ALL documents with the same signature (the name on the ID must match the signature on the document).


Documentation required:

  • DNI (National Identification Document) of the LOA signer.
  • A copy of the Purchase Document/Proof of the Signer. A copy of this can serve as a type of incorporation document. In this way, it can prove that the organization’s signatory has the authority to act on its behalf. It is imperative that the document be properly signed in wet ink. Electronic signatures are not acceptable.
  • Copy of the latest bill from the current local service provider.

After a porting date has been specified, the porting process will be completed in a working time frame of 6 hours (maximum downtime of 3 hours). If possible, it would be advisable to avoid scheduling the porting on a Friday or a holiday.