Starting a telephone-only Zoom Rooms meeting

Zoom Rooms has the ability to start a meeting with only PSTN/Telephony (telephone dialing) audio as the basis for the meeting. There is a requirement that you must have a PSTN phone, VoIP phone or SIP dialer in the Zoom Room. For example, Revolabs UC1500/1000 is a good example.


  • The Zoom Rooms software version 5.1.0 or higher is required
  • You can dial a PSTN number, a VoIP number, or a SIP number

How to start a telephone only Zoom Rooms meeting

  1. When scheduling a meeting, you can select Telephone under the Audio options on the web portal or desktop client.
  2. The Zoom Rooms controller is used to start the meeting.
  3. To view the join details for a meeting, click the info icon beside the Meeting ID.
  4. You will need to dial the number that is displayed, as well as the meeting ID and participant ID if you are using a PSTN, VoIP, or SIP dialer.
    Note: For the audio to bind with Zoom Rooms, you must enter the correct participant ID, or you will encounter echo when accessing the Zoom Rooms.