Streaming a Zoom webinar on YouTube Live

You can stream Zoom webinars on YouTube. This allows participants to join the webinar as panelists and attendees via Zoom, and to view and comment via YouTube.


Start Streaming Your Webinar Live On YouTube

  1. Start a webinar.
  2. Click [ Details ] and select [ Live on YouTube ].
  3.  Your browser will open and you will be prompted to log in to YouTube.
  4. Log in to YouTube.
    The following page will be displayed when the certification process is complete.
  5. Zoom webinar broadcast in Live YouTuve ] on the page and specify the following settings. -Zoom webinar title on YouTube, The Zoom webinar
     topic is automatically entered. Move to the text box to change-  Select one ofprivacy
    publishing, private publishing and private.
  6. [To live! Click the button.
    A progress bar will be displayed, giving you an idea of ​​how your session is ready for streaming.
  7. Start the webinar when you receive a notification from the Zoom client that the webinar is live on YouTube.Due to processing time, webinars on YouTube are delayed by about 20 seconds compared to webinars on Zoom.


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