Zoom Webinar votes Function

In the webinar, you can add votes to ask participants about the webinar.

Note : You can add up to 25 votes for each scheduled webinar .

How to use the voting function in Zoom App

  • First, select Add or Edit on the Polls tab to specify the webinars to which to add the polls.

From here, you can add questions to the first vote, if available.


Note :You can set up to 10 questions for each poll .
  • There are two types of questions.
    The first is a single answer where the participant can only select one answer.
    The other is a multiple choice answer where the user can select multiple answers.
  • [Save] to select and vote will be saved. During the webinar, all questions are asked at once in one vote. You can create another poll to ask a question at another point in the webinar.
  •  After the webinar started, [vote] you are ready to start the polling by selecting.
    You can also edit the poll at this point.

If you select Launch Poll, users will be asked to answer poll questions.
During polls, you will be notified when and what the user answered.

Once the poll is over, the host can view the results and share with the participants an overall opinion on the results and questions.

  • You can also view the poll results on the webinar report creation page.