Upgrade your conference room experience with new layouts for Zoom Rooms

Putting together your conference room meetings is a dynamic task, and Zoom understands that your work and meetings are one and the same. As a part of the modern meeting experience, content is shared, reactions are given, chats are held, and questions are asked – and a range of other things are going on as well. Despite the fact that you are an expert at multitasking, it can be very difficult to keep track of all the different elements involved.

Our Zoom Rooms Enhanced Views feature allows you and your room partners not only to have an easier time watching shared content, speaking with each other while in the meeting, but also to see who is participating in the meeting in more detail and get a more engaging view of everyone participating in the meeting.

Transform your conference room experience with chat panel enhancements

Your presentation will no longer be disrupted by chat notifications that will distract you from what you are saying! Using the new feature of Zoom Rooms’ chat panel enhancement, users can have a persistent chat window available for both Gallery and Active Speaker views, as well as the Thumbnail view, which is available on all our current screen layouts. In this persistent chat window, members of your audience can converse with each other while they share their screens or the speaker is giving a presentation in the main window.

The purpose of this is to create a simple, intuitive view of all attendees in the room, the in-meeting meeting chat window, as well as the active speaker and shared content that is shared in the meeting.

The chat panel enhancement will provide you with a great way to collaborate with the attendees of your meeting, whether you are in a brainstorming session, a sales presentation, or your weekly check-in with your team.

You can use the chat panel enhancement in your daily meetings in a number of ways, and here are a few examples of how you can do so:

  • Gather feedback without interruptions: In addition to your shared content or presentation, you can view the in-meeting chat alongside your shared content or presentation using the convenient view that will allow you to easily gather feedback and questions from your attendees.

  • Connect with your attendees: By being able to see your meeting attendees in the film strip view along the bottom of the screen, you will be in a better position to gauge their reactions and body language as you answer questions and deliver important information while they are in the room.

  • Create a more equitable hybrid experience: By making sure that both conference room attendees and remote participants have a clear idea of each other’s presence, you are able to ensure that they are on an equal footing when content is being shared or someone else is speaking.

See people Eye-to-Eye with enhanced Thumbnail Views

We are releasing a new enhancement for both our chat panel and thumbnail views along with our enhancement for chat panel!

There was a time when Zoom Room users who had multiple screens had to select between Speaker View and Gallery View, resulting in the restriction of their ability to see meeting participants at the same time when they were viewing audio or video files shared by the active speaker.

With the enhancements to the Thumbnail View in Zoom Rooms, Zoom Rooms customers will be able to use the Thumbnail View in a Zoom Room with multiple screens, allowing them to view the same thumbnail at the same time. In this view, attendees in Zoom Rooms can observe every aspect of the meeting, from the content shared during the meeting, to the speaker who is actively participating in the meeting as well as other meeting participants all at the same time. They can also view the persistent chat window with continuing reactions. In Zoom Rooms, users will be able to choose whether they want the thumbnail row of participants to be shown on the top of the screen or at the bottom.

How to enable Zoom Rooms Enhanced Views

Zoom Rooms customers will now have access to the new viewing modes at no additional cost to them. In order to enable them, you need to make sure that the latest version of Zoom Rooms is installed on your computer. From the Zoom Rooms management interface, you can check and update all the versions of Zoom Rooms that you have installed.

Learn more about Zoom Rooms Enhanced Views

For more information on how Zoom Rooms Views have the potential to revolutionize the meeting space experience in your organization, please visit Zoom Rooms’ website.


What is new with Zoom Rooms?

Added functionality as well as improvements. Administrators have the ability to assign up to twenty different commands for native room control to a single button. In addition, customers can have a greater degree of control over their room system without the need for a control system provided by a third party. The contacts list allows for the common area phones to be displayed and they can be invited to meetings.

What are the Zoom layout options?

Can you decorate a Zoom room?

In the event that it is necessary, stage artifacts or ornamental elements behind you. The background of your Zoom call can be enhanced with elements such as a gallery wall, floating shelves, or books. A good backdrop can be easily prepared for virtual meetings by constructing a straightforward gallery wall behind your working location.

Is Zoom now called Zoom rooms?

Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that combines video conferencing, voice conferencing, and wireless screen sharing into a unified and intuitive user experience. Zoom Rooms are designed to accommodate both attendees who are physically present in the room as well as remote attendees who join the conference from a different place using either their desktop computer or a mobile device.

Does Zoom automatically update?

Launch the desktop client for Zoom and log in. To access your settings, first select your profile image from the menu.In the Zoom Updates area of the General tab, you can enable or disable Automatically keep Zoom up to date by clicking the check box associated with the section.

How do I automatically update Zoom Room app?

Log in to the Zoom web portal using an account that has administrative privileges and the ability to change account settings. Select Device Management from the drop-down menu in the navigation panel, then click Device List. Click the Account Settings button that’s located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Check to see if the option to Automatically Update the App – Zoom Rooms is turned on.

What happens when you upgrade Zoom?

System administrators gain access to Zoom Analytics and the ability to receive daily use reports on their accounts when they purchase an enhanced version of the Zoom One license. Account owners and admins have the ability to view a variety of information, including the number of meetings taking place in the organization, the number of participants, the number of meeting minutes, and more!