Conversation Intelligence: The Game-Changing AI Sales Solution You’ve Never Heard Of -Zoom

The essential qualities of an excellent salesperson, such as charm, integrity, self-assurance, and empathy, remain unaltered. Nevertheless, with evolving customer demands, innovative modes of communication, and cutting-edge products emerging daily, salespeople need to continuously upgrade their abilities and create better sales experiences.

But to make meaningful improvements, they need constructive feedback. Unfortunately, sales leaders only allocate a mere 14% of their time towards coaching, leaving many opportunities for growth untapped.

This is where Zoom IQ for Sales comes in. Our AI-powered conversation intelligence solution specifically designed for the Zoom platform, provides valuable insights for sales leaders to train their teams, optimize customer experiences, and make informed decisions for future success.

The changing world of sales

The way B2B customers interact with salespeople is shifting with the advent of new technologies and modes of communication. With limited time for engagement, reports by Gartner and McKinsey Global Institute suggest that B2B customers spend only 17% of their time with potential suppliers and only 5-6% when considering multiple vendors. Consequently, salespeople must make the most of the time they have with customers. To accommodate this, two out of three buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service as their method of interaction with salespeople.

Evolve your teams with conversation intelligence

A large majority of chief sales officers (CSOs) believe they need to invest in intelligent analytics tools and technologies to be able to keep up with these massive shifts, with 88% already investing in these tools or planning to invest in them. There are quite a few different types of AI sales solutions available on the market today, but only one is able to provide insights from the one source that matters most: your customer conversations.

In order to gather highly relevant and highly impactful insights from sales conversations, systems like Conversation Intelligence (CI) leverage AI and machine learning technology in order to identify trending topics, customer engagement sentiments, and much more. A number of benefits can be derived from conversation intelligence, including the following:

  • AI-powered coaching: Use AI to identify potential improvement areas for a sales representative as well as the overall pain points that need to be corrected

  • Better sales execution: Identify what messaging works best with buyers, what objections they encounter, etc., in order to develop sales playbooks for them

  • Improved productivity: Make your workday as efficient as possible by eliminating time-consuming tasks such as taking notes and updating your CRM by automating them

  • Informed forecasting: By incorporating insights from conversations into other forecasting tools, you will be able to improve your forecasting results, such as engagement levels, sentiment, next steps, etc.

  • Data-powered onboarding insights: Marketing and sales teams can use data-driven onboarding insights to improve employee training and onboarding by gaining a deeper understanding of how messages and trainings are being received by employees

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Conversation intelligence on the platform you know and love

In order to help you reach your full potential on Zoom, we features” data-issueid=”87adac06-d081-48e5-b7ed-3715d8b2e4f6″ data-testid=”issue-underline:want <a class=” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>features”>want the features that allow you to take advantage of millions of sales conversations that are taking place every day. Zoom IQ for Sales is a powerful sales management tool that comes with a number of exciting features, including:

  • Speech analytics: During a sales call, you can receive data-driven feedback regarding the pace and delivery of your comments, as well as a measurement of how engaged your clients are

  • Automatically generated summaries: Take your call review to the next level with summaries generated by artificial intelligence that take just a few sentences to summarize the important points

  • Next steps: In order to keep the deal moving forward and to ensure that the customer is engaged, capture the next steps discussed in the conversation

Discover the potential of conversation intelligence 

There is no doubt that it can be intimidating to get your team started using conversation intelligence. Our webinar on conversation intelligence will help you get started with it. It outlines tips for utilizing Zoom IQ for Sales, including tips for implementing new insights, best practices, and more. In this webinar, we discuss how to make use of conversation intelligence as a must-have for sales, marketing teams, and teams of all sizes.


How does Zoom IQ work?

The Zoom IQ for Sales Dashboard displays your performance data and how they’ve changed over time across all of your meetings. In meetings, if you are in charge of managing a team, you should evaluate the overall performance of your team and look for opportunities to coach your members so that they can achieve greater levels of success.

Does Zoom use artificial intelligence?

Virtual backgrounds, avatars, gesture detection, and background noise suppression are just some of the AI-powered features that are included in Zoom Meetings. These features, along with others like them, make meetings more entertaining and inclusive.

How much is Zoom IQ?

The Zoom IQ software extension product comes with an additional charge of $79 per host per month in addition to the already existing fee of $149.90 per year per license for the Pro Zoom Meetings license itself. Users first need to create an account with Zoom, and after that, they may add the IQ feature by having a conversation with one of the company’s specialists.

How do I enable Zoom IQ?

Log in to the Zoom web portal using an account that has administrative privileges and the ability to change account settings. Click on Account Management in the drop-down menu in the navigation bar, then click on Account Settings. To access the Zoom IQ for Sales tab, click here. To enable or disable the indicator, under Analytics, click the toggle button labeled “Indicators.”

Are Zoom meetings reducing our collective intelligence?

“We found that video conferencing can actually reduce collective intelligence,” the researchers said. “We found that.” This is due to the fact that it results in a more unequal contribution to the discourse as well as a disruption of vocal synchronization. Our research highlights the significance of aural cues, the quality of which appears to be negatively impacted by video access.