Why is my Zoom meeting timing out?

The notification that your meeting is approaching the end of the meeting’s time frame will appear when you are within x number of minutes of the end. Below are some scenarios in which this may happen and how to correct it.

Basic users

In the case of using a free account for a basic (free) user, the maximum length of time your meetings can last is 40 minutes. There are two options for extending a meeting, either by ending the meeting and restarting it for an additional 40 minutes, or by upgrading to Pro for unlimited meetings.

For users who are viewed as basic or free users on the paid account, the maximum duration of meetings that can be held during the meeting is 40 minutes when three or more participants have joined in. Individual meetings should be longer than 40 minutes. Make sure that you are logged into the correct account.

Licensed users

It is possible that you are not signed in to the appropriate paid account if you are a licensed user and receiving this notification. If you are a paid member of Zoom, you will need to open the Zoom client, sign out, then log in with the email under which your account is associated.

You will need to contact your administrator if you are logged in with the correct address but you have not yet paid for your license.

Note: As a Licensed user, you will be unable to attend a meeting that is hosted by a Basic user if you are participating in that meeting.