Zoom App – Try using LTI

Zoom can be configured as a standard LTI provider. Zoom  supports LTI v1.1.1 and has been tested with Moodle ,  Canvas , Desire2Learn ,  Blackboard .

Requirements before starting LTI

  1. You must be in Education, Business, API, or Enterprise Plan.
  2. The Zoom administrator needs to configure Zoom as an LTI tool provider in LMS.Note: Be aware of who shares the key / secret.

General use case of LTI

  1. The teacher schedules an active lesson, and the teacher adds a Zoom meeting ID to this lesson.
    Teachers and all registered students can join the meeting with a single click of the URL displayed in the class.
  2. Students host activities for homework.
    Students can start Zoom meetings and invite anyone (classmates, TAs, guests) to the meeting.

Instead of using LTI

Zoom provides personal meeting IDs to all users.
Personal meeting ID is a meeting ID unique to each person.

Information needed to list courses in LMS

  • Course Name: ABC Course
  • Instructor: DEFGH teacher
  • Email: jklmnopqr@school.edu
  • Time: Monday 10:00 am-11 : 00 
  • Location: S Building 12F 1234
  • Virtual Room: https://zoom.us/j/1234567890
  • Tel: 12 3456 7890
Note :  The virtual room is the DEFGH teacher ‘s personal meeting ID.

See Getting Started with LTI for details.

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