About cooperation with O365 and BOX





O365 linkage can be linked with Outlook using Outlook Web Add-in.

Designed to make it easy to add and edit Zoom meeting schedules.

※ If you use Outlook desktop application, please use Outlook plug-in .

How to install Outlook Web Add-in

  1. Log in to Outlook Web App (OWA) .
  2. Click Settings(gear icon) in the upper right .
  3. Find and click Manage Integrations.
  4. Click Manage Add-ins.
  5. [+]Click on the
  6. Enter the following URL and click OK.


  1. Click Next.
  2. If a message warns you to finish installing the add-in , click Install.
  3. The add-in is installed and displayed in Manage Add-Ins.

How to sign in and schedule a meeting

  1. Go to the Outlook Web Calendar and create a new calendar event.
  2. Click the Zoom icon on the top toolbar. The sidebar opens and prompts you to enter your Zoom credentials.
  3. Sign in with Zoom’s work email. If you have already signed in to the Zoom web portal, you will be logged in automatically.
  4. Select the desired video, audio and meeting settings and click Schedule a Meetingto add meeting details to the event.

For more information, see Office 365 (Outlook Web) Add- in.

Files recorded locally can be easily saved on Box. Make it easy to share files with others.

Please refer to Upload Local Recording To The Cloud for how to upload to the cloud .


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