Zoom expands platform with new innovations to enhance team collaboration and customer experiences

New products and expanded capabilities help teams stay efficient, productive, and connected from wherever they are.

IF YOU DON’T KNOW, Zoom is more than just meetings – it’s a tool that enables you to advance human connection from anywhere, no matter what you’re doing. Our team will also be introducing exciting new platform innovations at Zoomtopia this year so you’ll be able to connect, stay organized, and get things done in a way that’s easier than ever.

Introducing Zoom Mail and Calendar

The Zoom app is one of the easiest to use apps on the market, and this new feature helps users gain access to the tools they need instantly with seamless access from within the app. Using Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients (beta), users will be able to communicate and collaborate even more effectively in Zoom One, while simultaneously reducing the “toggle tax.” In addition to achieving greater efficiency, users will also be able to access their communications more quickly, and schedule and join meetings more easily, all from Zoom.

In order to provide small and medium businesses with a secure and private way to send and receive emails, Zoom Mail and Calendar Services (beta) have been designed. When active Zoom Mail Service users send emails directly to one another, these messages will be encrypted end-to-end. The Zoom Calendar Service will also include an appointment booking feature, so participants can schedule a Zoom meeting. Check out our blog post about Zoom Mail and Calendar if you are interested in learning more.

The “together” spot for when you’re not physically together

Introducing Zoom Spots

It has been our experience that people miss spontaneous conversations and collaboration when they work side-by-side in a hybrid work environment, which is why we understand the need for connection and simplified communication in such a job environment. As a part of our ongoing effort to make virtual interactions easier and bridge the gap between teams in different places, we’re introducing Zoom Spots as a human-centered approach to facilitating virtual interactions between teams.

There is going to be a virtual coworking space coming to Zoom at the start of 2023 called Zoom Spots. As a result of this tool, distributed, hybrid teams are able to have fluid interactions over the course of their workday, delivering the fluid interactions of in-person work. There is a lot of value in Zoom Spots in allowing workers to work alongside one another and have free-form video-focused conversations together.

Better collaboration through Zoom One

It is one of Zoom One’s key strengths that it provides flexible tools that can enhance team communication and collaboration, and Zoom Spaces can improve office space utilization and make hybrid teams more productive. It has never been easier to connect, stay organized, and get work done than it is now with Zoom Team Chat, Whiteboard, Rooms, Phone, Meetings, and more.

Zoom Team Chat

With Zoom One, the messaging solution that powers connected collaboration is Zoom Team Chat, which is at the heart of Zoom One. In the near future, you can expect to see both in-meeting chats as well as team chats consolidated into one place. Using Team Chat, it will be possible to reference or keep track of meeting conversations in a group chat dedicated to the meeting when that feature is enabled. It’s no longer necessary to follow up on the links shared in meetings or ask for them to be shared again!

Our plan next year is to bring Team Chat translations to a wider audience to allow global teams to understand each other more quickly, work together more effectively, and enable greater inclusion among all members of the global community. You will be able to schedule your chats to be sent at a later time in the near future, so that they are more aligned with the time zones and working hours of a team member, as well as any out-of-office plans they may have.

Zoom Phone 

As a cloud-based business phone provider, Zoom Phone is redefining what a business phone service can offer, with new features that will simplify your organization’s communication experience. We are bringing Telephone and Team Chat together, so that employees can continue to collaborate wherever they are throughout their busy workday, as they juggle calls throughout their busy workdays. It is possible for one to create a chat as part of a queue in Power Pack, our solution for small teams managing calls together, for example, if a group of colleagues is working in Power Pack to answer calls together. As an additional feature, users are able to send one-click chat messages in the event that they are unable to answer their phone calls.

Additionally, we have added support for a web-based phone client as well as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for ChromeOS distributions. There will be a variety of devices that can work with Zoom Phone, including smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. This will make it easier for businesses with remote and seasonal workers to use Zoom Phone from anywhere in the world.

Zoom Meetings

There are some improvements we are making to Zoom Meetings in the near future! As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the features of our flagship Zoom Meetings product, we are bringing even more features to it.

  • Smart Recordings: Zoom IQ’s Smart Recordings feature enables you to quickly jump to the critical moments and take action within meeting recordings by providing summaries, next steps, and smart chapters, so you can easily find and act on them.

  • Meeting Templates: Use our flexible meeting templates to quickly and easily create different kinds of meetings, such as all-hands meetings for training sessions. As a result of these templates, your meetings will be configured with the correct settings automatically.

  • Avatars: If you choose to customize the way the “virtual you” presents himself/herself in meetings, then you have the option of choosing an extended Animal Avatar, a Human Avatar, even a Meta Avatar.

  • Video Clips: Create videos with the ability to narrate and record yourself sharing your screen. These videos can be shared with teammates to communicate on projects and are stored centrally for future reference.

Zoom Rooms

With Zoom Rooms, we continue to enhance the workspace capabilities of those who come into the office with a number of new enhancements and improvements that keep it up to date and easy to use.

  • Workspace Reservation Smart Suggestions: Based on the type of person you’ve been working with, the type of place you sit normally, and the type of place your team typically sits, Smart Suggestions will help decide where to choose for your workspace and when to come into the office.

  • Intelligent Director (private beta): Coming soon, Intelligent Director makes use of multiple cameras, allowing for the display of video streams of participants in the meeting from various angles, as well as selecting the best video stream for inclusion in the meeting. Even if participants are moving around, the Intelligent Director will adjust in accordance with their movements.

  • Companion Whiteboard: Very soon, Zoom Rooms and whiteboards will be able to work seamlessly together, so that you will be able to add Zoom Whiteboard capabilities to meetings and share them with your colleagues.

  • Zoom Interop for Google Meet: This solution allows Zoom Rooms to be able to attend meetings on Google Meet, as well as Google Meet rooms to be able to attend Zoom Meetings.

Zoom innovations transform the customer journey

As customer experience has become an increasingly important factor in determining brand loyalty, Zoom is committed to helping you deliver the platinum standard to your customers across every stage of their customer journey. Our contact center solutions, our sales solutions, and our event management solutions, all feature innovative new features that will make your tasks easier.

Zoom Virtual Agent

Think about how great it would be to be able to resolve up to 50% of your customers’ requests without involving your contact center agents. As a result of Zoom Virtual Agent, which is our newest intelligent self-service offering, you’ll soon be able to offer that and much more to your customers.

A conversational AI and chatbot solution built from our Solvvy acquisition, Zoom Virtual Agent leverages the expertise and technology we acquired through the acquisition of Solvvy. With the use of natural language processing and machine learning, Zoom Virtual Agent can understand what your customers are saying, regardless of how they phrase it. Using a combination of your knowledge bases, FAQs, and other data sources, Zoom Virtual Agent provides your customers with instant, accurate responses and intelligently guides customers to the appropriate resolution, using your knowledge bases, FAQs, and other data sources, if necessary.

In order to deliver fast, personalized customer service, Zoom Virtual Agent is available 24/7 across multiple support channels to provide fast, personalized customer support, reduce the volume of calls that have to be handled by human agents, and drive significant operational efficiencies for businesses. As of May 2023, Zoom Contact Center will be able to integrate with Zoom Virtual Agent as well as other leading CRM and contact center solutions. Zoom Virtual Agent will be available in early 2023.

Zoom IQ for Sales

There aren’t enough hours in the day for sales managers to provide a comprehensive 1:1 training session to every one of their reps, which is why coaching and practice are key to developing a powerful sales force. In the very near future, the Virtual Coach will provide sellers with a practice environment where they can refine their pitches, receive feedback and receive real-time content tips for their future prospects calls.

Zoom Events and Webinars

Organizers and hosts of events are trying to find new ways of driving ROI for their event, producing high-quality, highly-branded content, driving engagement, and turning their event hybrid. New features will be released in the next few months to assist event professionals and marketers in making the most of their hybrid and virtual experiences in the future, such as Production Studio and Simulive, 1:1 networking, and many more.

We are currently experiencing network bandwidth constraints for large corporate offices since employees around the world are returning to their offices and using more video communication as part of events and webinars than ever before, resulting in a longer workload for the network.

Zoom Mesh is Zoom’s own solution for eCDN that helps you optimize your network bandwidth, which is a solution that IT administrators are looking for when optimizing their networks. There is no requirement to deploy any additional components and our peer-to-peer offering can be launched directly from the Zoom client with no buffering, or any delays while optimizing bandwidth, and no additional components need to be deployed. All users will be able to enjoy a seamless experience by the end of the year, and it will be available to them all.

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How does Zoom help with collaboration?

Zoom Whiteboard is a tool for team collaboration that may be used for learning, planning, and idea generation. Its persistent, virtual whiteboard interface makes it easier for teams to ideate from anywhere before, during, and after meetings using sticky notes, drawing tools, and comments, as well as other features.


What is the innovation strategy of Zoom?

Zoom is revolutionizing the course of commercial and personal communications by enhancing the ways in which we communicate with one another, exchange ideas, and accomplish more together, regardless of where we are physically located. Zoom is in the process of developing new products, features, and partnerships with the intention of empowering and engaging the modern workforce through the use of networked workstreams.


Which of the following are examples of built in collaboration tools in Zoom meetings?

Video, audio, screen sharing, MP4 recording.

What is unique about Zoom?

You are allowed an unlimited number of one-on-one sessions, but each one can only last for a maximum of 30 hours. Conversations both private and in groups. Recording (just for storing on the local machine). The sharing of a screen.