Zoom Screensaver with Energy Saving Room

The Zoom room on your Mac or PC has digital signage options and operating time settings. Therefore, do not put the Zoom room into a screensaver or sleep / power save mode.


How to disable the screen saver

  1. Open control panel
  2. Double-click the display icon
  3. Click the screen saver tab
  4. Select (None) as the screen saver option.

Disable energy saving mode

Windows 7

  1. Click the Windows Start button and click Control Panel .
  2. Go to [ System and Security ] and click [ Power Options ].
  3. Click Select when to turn off the display .
  4. Turn off the display and set the] and [Put the computer to sleep] to [not].
  5. Click Save Changes

Windows 8

  1. [Of the Windows Start button, click Control Panel ], [ System and Security ], [ Power Options and click on the order of], [ Power Options Open].
  2. On the Select Power Plan page, click Change plan settings next to the selected plan .
  3. On the Change Settings page of the planning page, click Change Advanced Power Settings.
  4. On the Advanced tab, double-click Sleep, double-click After Sleep, and do one of the following:
    • Settings and click, click the arrow, [ does not click.
  5. Pause state Double-click, and then do one of the following:
    • Settings and click, click the arrow, [ does not click.
  6. If you want to keep the display on as well, double-click Display , double-click Turn off display later , and do one of the following:
    • Settings and click, click the arrow, [ does not click.
  7. Click OK, and then click Save Changes.

Windows 10

  • Go to the Windows Start menu and select Settings .
  • System ], [ power supply and sleep choose].
  • Select [ No ] for both screen and sleep options .

Scheduled reboot

  • Go to the Windows Start menu, enter ” taskschd.msc is start search ” and press Enter to open the Task Scheduler.

  • In the right panel, click Create Basic Task .
  • Enter the name and description as required, and click [ Next ].

Click Next to go to the action page. Please select the start of the program here and click [ Next ].

Enter the following content in the program start command. Enter ” shutdown ” under Program / script (P ): and add ” shutdown / r ” or ” shutdown / g ” to the Add Argument (Optional) ( A ): box . If you want to start the shutdown after 60 seconds , enter 60 instead of 0 in Start (optional) ( T ) : .

  1. Next to confirm all by clicking], [last complete click]. The computer shuts down at the specified date and time.


Disable screen saver

  1. Click the Apple menu at the top left of the screen to select System Preferences.
  2. Then click the Desktop and Screensaver panel and select the Screensaver tab.
  3. Do not select a screen saver

Disable energy saving mode

  1. Navigate to the Spotlight search in the upper right corner of the desktop.
  2. Search for ” energy saving “
  3. Set the computer and set the sleep mode to ” No “.
  1. Make sure that ” Turn on Power Nap while connected to power adapter ” is not selected.

Scheduled reboot

We also recommend scheduling a regular (every other week, monthly) restart of your Mac Mini (for example, at 3 am).

  1. System Preferences > Energy Conservation Go to].
  2. Click the lower right schedule.

Select Restart> Weekly> Hour .


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