Adding a payments account to a Zoom Events Hub

You can configure a hub to allow paid events to be published to your hub by adding a payments account to it once you have created the hub. There is no way for your hub to be used for publishing paid events if you have not added a payment account.

A single payment account will be used for all events that are published to your hub and that will use the same payment method.

Prerequisites for adding a payments account to a Zoom Events hub

  • Client for Zoom on the desktop
    • 5.7.6 or higher is required for Windows
    • A macOS version of 5.7.6 or higher is required
  • Client for Zoom mobile devices
    • The iOS version needs to be at least 5.7.6
    • 5.7.6 or higher is the minimum requirement for Android
  • There are four types of accounts available: Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Education
  • Licence for Zoom Events


  • Although version 5.7.6 of Webview does support Zoom Events for Windows platform, it may cause hosts to experience a blank lobby experience due to a dependency with Windows’ Webview package for Windows platform.
  • We strongly recommend that hosts update their Zoom desktop client/mobile application as soon as possible to ensure that they have access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features available in the latest version.

How to add a payments account to your hub

It is necessary to link a payment account to your Zoom Events in order to process ticket transactions and payouts related to the events that you run.

  1. Zoom Events can be accessed by signing in to your account.
  2. To manage your account, click the Manage button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. You can select the hub you wish to manage by clicking the dropdown menu on the left hand side of the page.
  4. Please click on Billing Information on the left side of the page.
  5. In the pop-up window that appears after you select your country/region, select your country, then click Save when you are finished.
    Note: Once you have saved your country/region, you will not be able to change it.
  6. In the section titled “Payment Method for Selling Tickets”, you will find the following information:
    1. If you want your hub to use Stripe or PayPal for its payment platform, you need to select the tab under the Stripe or PayPal column and then click Link.
    2. It is possible to link your Zoom Events hub to a Stripe or PayPal account by following the steps below.
  7. Enter your billing address under the section titled Your Address.
  8. Save your changes by clicking on the Save button.