An Enhanced User Interface for Zoom Rooms Devices

The user interface of our Zoom Rooms application continues to be continually enhanced by our team in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience in their workspaces and across the industry. As part of our recent release of Dark Mode, we have introduced a dark background setting on the Zoom Rooms Controllers, which allows users to create a meeting experience tailored to their own needs by setting this background on the Zoom UI.

An enterprise-grade communications solution should provide a reliable and consistent experience to its users. You can find more information on Dark Mode here. It’s also worth noting that we’ve made some significant changes recently to enhance your understanding of Zoom Rooms.

Turn the lights down with Dark Mode

The Zoom UI can be changed from the default white background to a dark background that is more suitable for your preference as well as the aesthetics of your meeting space using the Dark Mode feature. In addition to helping reduce eye strain, a darker background may increase color contrast to make Zoom Rooms an easier experience for people with visual impairments.

A more consistent meeting experience across all devices

As a result, Zoom Rooms have evolved from a meeting room-focused product to one that supports a wide range of mobile devices – handsets with small, medium, large screens, landscape, and portrait orientations. For Zoom Rooms for Touch and Zoom Rooms Controller devices to be even more powerful, Zoom has recently redesigned the functionality for Zoom Rooms for Touch and Zoom Rooms Controller devices to help our customers create meeting rooms that help them get more done together.

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The enhanced functionality on Zoom Rooms for Touch provides a more closely matched user experience to our Zoom client on Zoom Rooms controllers and Zoom Rooms for Connect devices, thanks to a scalable framework. On a variety of devices, this provides an intuitive, consistent experience that can be accessed from anywhere.

Zoom Rooms and Zoom Room Controllers are the versions of Zoom Rooms and Zoom Rooms that have the enhanced UI available to them. The enhanced UI is designed to work on all Zoom Rooms devices, as well as Zoom for Home and personal Zoom Room devices.

So if you want a more seamless experience when it comes to scheduling and attending meetings, making phone calls, syncing data from your device, and more, you can do so at the click of a button and leverage a more seamless meeting experience right from your workspace.


How does the user interface in a zoom room configuration receive its updates?

The Zoom Rooms software and the control devices (whether they be Crestron Mercury devices or touch screens) receive updates from the Zoom portal. Firmware upgrades for the UC Engine in a Zoom Rooms system are done through the UC Engine’s Windows Update service.

What is the interface Zoom?

A zooming user interface, also known as a zoomable user interface (ZUI, pronounced zoo-ee), is a graphical environment in the field of computers that allows users to adjust the scale of the observed area in order to view more detail or less information, as well as browse among various documents.

Where is devices in Zoom?

Enter your login information into the Zoom online interface.Select Device Management from the drop-down menu of the navigation bar, then click Device list. To view the devices, select that tab. Simply select the desired hardware by clicking on its name.

How to do enhanced on Zoom?

To access the settings for your Zoom account, use the desktop client and click on your profile image.Select the Video menu option.Choose Edit my appearance from the menu.Adjusting the effect can be done with the slider.

Does Zoom have a web interface?

Because it runs in a web browser, the Zoom web client eliminates the need to download additional plugins or software in order to participate in a Zoom meeting or webinar. Users who are restricted in what they are able to install or download can benefit from using the web client because it enables them to utilize their web browser to participate in Zoom meetings without having to download the application.