Blank video when joining a meeting using a Microsoft Teams Room in Zoom

It has been reported that some meeting participants are unable to send and receive video once the meeting has started if they are using a Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) to join the Zoom meeting via the Direct Guest Join Integration (due to a Chromium bug). There will be a toast notification that appears on your desktop to inform you that the meeting is automatically reconnected with video after 30 seconds as soon as you receive the toast notification. During this time, there will be no interruptions to the audio connection. In the case of joining from the MTR device, this workaround will only be in effect for a period of 2 hours after joining. It is recommended that if you encounter this issue when you try to join a meeting from your MTR device after two hours, you follow the steps below in order to re-join the meeting.

In the Zoom UI, you have the ability to turn off auto-refresh if video is unavailable at any time if this is an issue that makes the meeting difficult to participate in. Zoom’s UI has a setting that enables you to do this at any time.


On February 27, 2022, a workaround was released for this issue.

Note: Version or higher of Microsoft Teams Rooms is required for the functionality of this application

Workaround for joining a meeting through Microsoft Teams Room

If Zoom detects that there is an issue with the Microsoft Teams Room on Windows 10, it will automatically join the meeting if this is the case. The following steps should be followed if the application does not rejoin the meeting when it is restarted:

  1. You will be able to leave the Zoom meeting once you have finished.
  2. The meeting will be re-opened when you rejoin it.
  3. The video of the meeting should be restored as soon as possible.

Within the Account settings, it is possible to disable Direct Guest Join as well.