Custom Live Streaming on Facebook with Zoom Webinar App

  • It is an alternative to the integrated Facebook live streaming feature set up on Facebook timelines, groups, pages, or events .
  • Panelists and participants can join with Zoom
  • Participants can join Facebook Live to watch and comment.


  • Webinar function is valid
  • Custom live streaming is enabled in the webinar settings
  • Windows or Mac Zoom desktop client version 4.0 or later
  • Have control or edit authority to Facebook page to use streaming
  • Admin rights for streaming for Facebook group

Set up streaming before the webinar starts

  1. Click [  ] on Facebook .
  2. Click [ Live Delivery ].
  3. Click the screen, group, event or timeline you want to watch live.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Click Set Delivery Date.
  6. Select the webinar date and time.
  7. Click Specify scheduled date and time

Start live streaming

  1. After launching the webinar, click Details on the webinar control, and then click Live on Streaming Service.
  2. You will be prompted that the live streaming service is being prepared.
  3. When live stream delivery is ready, you can start live delivery. To get started, [ start the live distribution and click.
  4. You will be prompted to set up a webinar on Facebook Live.
  5. When live distribution starts , the Live mark lights up at the upper left of the Zoom client screen

Stop live streaming

To stop live trimming, click Details and then Stop Live Stream to stop streaming.

If live streaming posted

When live streaming is posted, the video will be delivered on the timeline as follows.

As the image has turned off the camera, it has the above black screen.

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