Daily, Active and Inactive Host Reports in Zoom App

The Reports section of the website is a powerful tool that provides Zoom administrators with statistics on various accounts and meetings.


  • Pro, Business, Enterprise, Education, or API Account
  • Account Owner or Administrator Rights

Daily, Active and Inactive Host Report creation procedure

Access the Reports section of the website to access an account-wide record of activity for the past six months.

There are several reports in this module. Standard reports are described.

Daily Report: Includes daily usage across the account for a given month. This report includes all meetings hosted by users in your account.

You can check it on the table and the graph.

Active Organizer: Lists the users under your account, along with the statistics of the meetings they hosted.

Clicking on a user’s email in the Active Hosts report will list information about the specific meeting the user is hosting.

Click the number of participants for a specific meeting to display a list of all meeting participants.

Inactive Host: Represents the user’s last login activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our commitment to customers’ security and privacy, we will no longer offer attendee attention tracking as of April 2, 2020.
How to access reports for your account
  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.
  2. You can access Usage Reports by clicking Account Management then Reports if you are an account owner, admin, or member with access to Usage Reports. …
  3. You can pull any type of report by clicking the type of report.


Log into Zoom as an administrator with account settings editing privileges. You can change your account settings by clicking Account Management in the navigation menu. Navigate to the Meetings tab. To enable or disable Report to Zoom, click the toggle under In Meeting (Advanced).
As well as registration reports, polling reports will also be deleted with the ID. The web portal also doesn’t allow you to generate reports for a meeting that has been deleted from the Meetings list.
There are three types of Zoom reports: Attendance, Registration (if necessary), and Poll responses (if applicable). A meeting report will display the SBU email address of attendees if only authenticated users are allowed to participate (i.e., NetID and NetID password registration is required).
To report a meeting, click the Report button at the bottom of the meeting information dialog. Please enter the name(s) of the participant(s). Report the participant based on the reason you selected. Sign in with your email address if you aren’t already signed in.
The user is not logged in if this field is blank. Time at which the user joined the meeting: the time at which the user joined the meeting. The user’s leave time is the time when they left the meeting. Duration: rounded up to the nearest whole minute, the duration of the meeting.