Daily, Active and Inactive Host Reports in Zoom App

The Reports section of the website is a powerful tool that provides Zoom administrators with statistics on various accounts and meetings.


  • Pro, Business, Enterprise, Education, or API Account
  • Account Owner or Administrator Rights


Daily, Active and Inactive Host Report creation procedure

Access the Reports section of the website to access an account-wide record of activity for the past six months.

There are several reports in this module. Standard reports are described.


Daily Report: Includes daily usage across the account for a given month. This report includes all meetings hosted by users in your account.

You can check it on the table and the graph.


Active Organizer: Lists the users under your account, along with the statistics of the meetings they hosted.

Clicking on a user’s email in the Active Hosts report will list information about the specific meeting the user is hosting.

Click the number of participants for a specific meeting to display a list of all meeting participants.


Inactive Host: Represents the user’s last login activity.

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