How to Remove Your Cat Filter in Zoom App

Having video filters during meetings can be a lot of fun, so we appreciate that. The problem with cat filters, though, is that when meetings turn into a serious affairs, they turn into cat-astrophies.

The chances are that the last person to use your laptop, which may have been your child, best friend, or significant other, turned on a cute and cuddly filter from Zoom or perhaps a third party, such as SnapCamera or Live. The avatar cam. We’re here to help, but don’t stress! It’s okay to lose your cool.

How to Remove your cat filter

  1. You will find the Stop Video icon next to the Up Arrow symbol while you are in a Zoom meeting with your camera on.
  2. The camera settings can be changed, or you can try selecting each camera listed until your problem is resolved. Click the FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in) option, for example, for users of macOS.
    Having removed the cat filter, you can return to your purr-fessional meeting now without any interruptions from the cat filter.