frequently asked questions about HDCP for Zoom App

The HDCP Error Code can be displayed when entering video from a DVD or Blu-Ray player into a Zoom meeting, which translates to an attempt to play copyrighted material from another device into the Zoom meeting.

What is HDCP?

A high-definition digital content protection technology called the High-Definition Digital Content Protection (HDCP) helps to prevent copies of AV content that has been converted to digital format. The HDCP system is intended to prevent unlicensed devices from being used to play or record HDCP-encrypted content.

Does Zoom support HDCP

You will not be able to play HDCP content through Zoom. A violation of copyright may result in the capture of HDCP content such as this.

Can I play HDCP material locally?

The HDCP standard is supposed to ensure secure connections between a device and content, which means that your receiver must also support HDCP, such as HDMI input on your television. The content streaming capabilities of YouTube and Netflix are restricted to devices which are connected directly to an HDCP compliant display through HDMI rather than other devices through other means.

How do I know if my devices support HDCP?

Feel free to give it a try. For the purpose of verifying compliance with a specific standard, please check the product or manual listing on the manufacturer’s website.

What else can I try?

Occasionally HDCP devices with support for “handshakes” or “negotiations” can have issues with the HDCP protocol. You can try switching your display or source off and on again. Ensure your HDMI cable does not have any damage or that it is connected correctly.