How to enable stereo audio in Zoom App

If your microphone is capable of processing stereo sound, enabling stereo audio will allow you to transmit sound in stereo during your meetings and webinars. This setting will enable Zoom to encode the audio in stereo as soon as you enable it. You can make use of this setting when sharing live music performances. You will need either an audio interface or stereo-capable microphone.

Note : 

The Zoom desktop client supports stereo audio only for meetings and webinars using the Zoom desktop client. There is no support for stereo audio on recordings and the Zoom mobile app does not have stereo support (audio will be mono).

Pre-requisites for the use of stereo audio

  • There are four types of accounts: Pro, Business, Education, and Enterprise
  • accounts for basic users
  • with admin privileges and the ability to create new accounts

You can enable users to select stereo audio in their client settings by turning on this feature


If you would like to enable Users in your account to select stereo audio in their client settings, please do the following:

  1. If you are an administrator, you will be able to edit the account settings by logging into the Zoom web portal as an admin.
  2. Clicking Account Management from the navigation panel will take you to the account management page.
  3. You can get to the account settings in the Meetings tab.
  4. Under the Client Settings section, make sure that the Allow users to select stereo audio option is selected if you choose the In Meeting (Advanced) option.
  5. It is also possible to enable the setting if it is disabled by clicking the toggle button. If a verification dialog box appears, you will need to click the Turn On icon to make the link active.
  6. In order to make this setting mandatory for all your users in your account, please click the lock icon , then click Lock to confirm the setting. The setting will still appear to be optional (optional) if you click Lock.


Note : 

In the future, if you launch a new Zoom account; or if you already use the New Admin Experince on your account, once August 21, 2021 reaches, you will be redirected to the Groups page.

In order to allow a group of users to choose stereo audio on their clients, you need to enable the following settings:

  1. You will need to log into the Zoom web portal as a member of your organization with the ability to edit groups.
  2. Simply click on User Management, then select Group Management, then click Login.
  3. From the User Management page, click on the appropriate group name and then click the Settings tab.
  4. You will then be presented with a Meeting tab.
  5. If the audio mode of stereo is not enabled in the options section under In Meeting (Advanced), then you need to enable it.
  6. When the setting is disabled, you need to enable it by clicking on the toggle. The change has been verified by clicking the On button if a verification dialog box appears.
Note :

  • There are times when grayed out options indicate that they have been locked at the account level and need to be changed at that level.
  • Click on the lock icon , and then click Lock to confirm the setting for all users within the selected group if you want this setting to be mandatory. 
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To enable Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings for your own use, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your username and password.
  2. Next, click Settings in the navigation panel.
  3. Select Meetings from the list of tabs.
  4. Make sure that the setting Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings is turned on under In Meeting (Advanced).
  5. Click on the toggle button to enable the setting if it is disabled. You may be prompted to confirm the change by clicking on the Turn On button.
  6.  There are two ways to lock off an option. Either by the group, or by the account level. If it is grayed out, then it is locked. Your Zoom administrator will have to assist you.

Enabling stereo audio in the Zoom desktop client

As soon as you sign out of the Zoom client and sign in again, the users whom you enabled this setting for will now be able to select Stereo audio in their audio settings after signing out and signing in again.

  1. Log in to the Zoom desktop client on your computer.
  2. After you click your profile picture, you will be able to access the Settings menu.
  3. Simply click on Audio.
  4. The “Original Sound” checkbox can be found under the Music and Professional Audio section of the pop-up window.
  5.  Click on the Stereo Audio check box.
    You will now be able to use stereo audio when joining a meeting or a webinar from your computer by turning on the original sound.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change audio settings on Zoom app?

Select the Settings option from the navigation panel. Go to the Meetings tab and click on that. You can enable audio type by clicking the audio option that you want to use. You can use your computer’s microphone or speaker to join our webinar or you can use your telephone to join the webinar or use your computer’s microphone to join the webinar.

How do I enable third party audio in zoom?

An explanation of how to enable audio from third parties

  1. Go to the Zoom website and sign in to your account.

  2. You can access account settings by clicking on Account Management in the navigation panel.

  3. To access the Audio Conferencing tab, click on it.

  4. The third party audio setting must be enabled in order for it to work.

  5. Click the toggle if the setting is currently disabled in order to enable it.

  6. By clicking the pencil icon, you will be able to edit the text.

Where are Zoom audio controls?

On the right side of the screen you will see controls for the participants. It is important to note that participants are able to access these features: Join Audio or Unmute/Mute: Members can mute and unmute their microphones. This will turn your camera on, or off, depending on whether you want to start or stop filming.

How can I improve my zoom audio quality?

An improvement to Zoom’s audio quality would be appreciated

  1. Consider using headphones or earbuds when listening to music.

  2. Make sure you work in a quiet environment.

  3. Make sure that there are no echoes in your speech.

  4. Make sure you don’t make a call while you are driving.

  5. Don’t overload your device with too much information.

  6. For professional audio uses, you may want to change the Advanced Audio settings.

  7. The Zoom application requires a device to meet certain requirements in order to function properly.

How do I change my Zoom audio output?

There is an icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen that says Settings. Click on that icon. If you click on the Audio tab on the left side of the Settings pop-up window, you will be taken to the Audio settings. When you click on the Speaker button in your Zoom phone or Zoom meeting settings, the standard setup enables you to hear the sound produced by the speaker you are using for hearing sound.

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What is professional audio on Zoom?

High-Fidelity Music Mode delivers professional audio from a single Zoom client, streaming to one or more listeners, for performing arts and music teachers, songwriters, and anyone else looking for rich, professional-grade sound over Zoom.

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