Guidelines for Vanity URL requests in Zoom

Guidelines for requesting a Vanity URL

A Vanity URL, also known as a custom URL, is a URL that is dedicated to your company. Vanity URLs can be obtained by applying for one or by using a Zoom-suggested vanity URL. If you plan on enabling SSO (Single Sign-On) for your company then this subdomain will be required for configuration. It will also be where your users would be directed to login through SSO. There is also an option of branding this vanity page with your own logo/branding if you wish, however, your users tend not to type directly into the vanity page and instead click a link instead to join a meeting. In this particular case, the vanity page does not function as a registration page for webinars or a waiting room, even if these can be customized in their own way.

If you already have a Vanity URL on your account, please let Zoom Support know if you need it to be changed. Vanity URLs need to be able to meet the same requirements as Vanity URLs, which you can find in the following table.

Prerequisites for Vanity URL requests

  • We offer plans for businesses, schools, enterprises, or APIs
  • That are managed by account owners or administrators
  •  We will help you create a custom domain for your organization
    Note: In the case of generic domains that are widely used, for example, or, they cannot be used

Guidelines and Requirements

  • Please visit this link to apply for your Vanity URL
    • Please make sure you submit your Vanity URL request from your official domain, not one that is publicly accessible (,, etc.).
  • Your Vanity URL request should match the domain name of your company. Here are some examples:
    • “” should apply for “”.
    • “” should apply for “”
    • “” should apply for “”
    • “” should apply for “”
    • “” should apply for “”
    • Please be aware that if you are submitting a request for via, you will need to provide solid evidence that you own
  • Vanity URLs should be used for sub-accounts or departments where the domain name should be associated with the department name, and vice versa.
    • You should request “” as a vanity URL, for example, if you want an IP address for your IT department.
  • If you want your vanity URLs to be at least 4 characters long (, you must use at least 4 characters.
  • It should be noted that Vanity URLs can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes (-).
  • In accordance with your account information, Zoom suggests pre-defined Vanity URLs that you can choose from.
  • The guidelines will be followed within one business day for the approval of vanity URLs conforming to the guidelines. If your vanity URL does not conform to the above standards, it will be declined or approved within 4-5 business days. The user of the URL will receive notifications via the email address provided by the user who requested the URL.
  • In the case of a conflict between two companies requesting the same Vanity URL, we reserve the right to remove or change your Vanity URL. You will be notified ahead of any such changes.
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How to change an existing Vanity URL

Zoom Support can assist you if you need to change a Vanity URL on your account, but it has already been approved for a Vanity URL.

This will need to be updated with the following guidelines, and you will need to inform Zoom Support if you need the old vanity URL to redirect to the new one. This is of particular importance if you still have active meeting links using the old vanity URL and if you would like to ensure that they continue to work without having to resend invites with the new link.

The new vanity URL will be approved once it has been approved, you will have to specify the new vanity URL in the SSO settings as well as sign-in again to any extensions or plugins associated with scheduling.