Handing off a phone call to a Zoom Room

You can easily transfer a Zoom Phone call into a Zoom Room when you make a call using Zoom Phone. Zoom Rooms set up as phone booths let you take advantage of hands-free calling when you’re in a Zoom call using the Zoom mobile app.

Note :

Zoom Phone calls can be invited to meetings that are taking place in the Zoom Room while you are in the Zoom Phone call.

Prerequisites for handing off a phone call to a Zoom Room

  • Zoom mobile app for Android and iOS, version 5.4.3 or higher
  • That is connected to a Zoom Room taking advantage of the Zoom Phone license
  • Which enables the use of ultrasonic proximity signals to enable direct sharing
  • Through the Hand Off to Room policy the administrator has enabled

How to hand off a phone call to a Zoom Room

  1. Obtain a Zoom app for your mobile device and sign in.
  2. Using Zoom Phone you can make or receive phone calls.
  3. Tap More then Hand off to Room when you’re in a Zoom Room.
    If Zoom detects the room via direct sharing, it will attempt to transfer you to the room.
    When Zoom cannot detect a room, it will ask you to enter the sharing key. You can usually find the key on the room display in the upper-right corner.
  4. To complete the hand-off, select Hand off to This Room.
    Once the call ends, it will move to the Zoom Room in the mobile app. Access the in-call controls with the room controller.
Note :

If the Zoom Room is currently in a meeting when you hand off the phone, the room controller will prompt you with these options.

  • Decline:
  • I will decline the handoff. We will continue the meeting in the meeting room. If the call goes to mobile, then it will be transferred there.
  • Hold meeting audio & Accept:
  • If the call goes to mobile, then it will be transferred there.
    • Using the top-left corner of the room controller, tap the Back to Meeting icon to switch to the meeting audio.
    • The room controller can be switched between the phone and the room controller by tapping the phone icon at the top right corner of the remote.