Zoom Rooms for Touch in-meeting controls

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2022

You can use Zoom Rooms for Touch’s integrated controller to manage a meeting once it has been started by clicking the meeting button in Zoom Rooms for Touch. A regular controller, as well as the integrated controller, can be used to control the system the same way.

Prerequisites for Zoom Rooms for Touch

  • Version 5.3.0 or higher of Zoom Rooms for Windows is required
  • With a touch screen and a Windows 10 operating system or higher,
  • The computer must have touch drivers installed in order to work


  • Devices that are compatible with Zoom for Home

Zoom Rooms for Touch In-meeting controls

The following functions can be accessed while in a meeting:

  • Mute  / Unmute : It is possible to mute or unmute the microphone in the room.
  • Start Video  / Stop Video : The video camera in the room can be started or stopped at any time.
  • Share Screen : The sharing instructions will display on your desktop, mobile device or camera to assist you in sharing content.
    • Advanced Sharing Options: If you want to only the host or any participant to be able to share during your meeting, select who can share as well as if the host or any participant is able to start a new share while someone else is sharing.
      • Annotate on Shared Content: Shared screens initiated from Zoom Rooms can be annotated on by other Zoom Room participants.
      • Note: As far as we know, this feature is available only when participants opt for direct sharing, share.zoom.us, or Apple screen mirroring in order to share their screen. The admin needs to ensure that annotations have been enabled in the room’s web portal settings on the admin’s computer.
      • Optimize Full-screen Video Sharing: If you are going to share a video clip in full screen mode, then you should check this box. Otherwise, you should not check this box as it may cause the shared screen to become blurry if you do so.
  • View: The following options are available: Thumbnail, Speaker or Gallery.
  • Whiteboard : Your whiteboard can be shared with others.
  • More : You can select more settings by clicking on the arrows.
    • Raise Hand : The bottom-right section of the meeting setup will let you know if you need anything from the host if you have joined as a participant. You can also tap Raise Hand in the bottom-right section.
    • Security  : You can enable or disable certain in-meeting features (only available if the room is the host or co-host) if you own the room. The participants list is another place where you can find some of these settings.
      • Lock Meeting: During the course of the meeting, other attendees should not be allowed to join the meeting while it is still in progress.
      • Enable Waiting Room: For the current meeting, you can enable or disable the Waiting Room feature.
      • Hide Profile Picture: You have the option of enabling or disabling the profile picture.
      • Allow Participants to: For all participants, it is possible to enable or disable the following features.
        • Share Screen
        • Chat
        • Rename Themselves: In this meeting, participants have the option of changing their username displayed to other participants.
        • Unmute Themselves
        • Annotate on Shared Content: In the Zoom Room, other participants can annotate on the shared screen using the annotation tool.
        • Note: Using this option, a participant will only be able to share their screen if they share it directly, via share.zoom.us, or using Apple’s screen mirroring. In the web portal settings of the room, ensure that the admin has enabled annotations.
        • Remove Participant: The meeting can be terminated when a participant is dismissed from it. If you do not allow participants to rejoin, they won’t be able to rejoin until you do so.
        • Report: This form can be used if you are interested in reporting an incident that you believe violates our terms of service or Community Standards and you believe it needs to be reported.
    • Virtual Background : It is possible to change the background of the virtual environment.
    • Manage Participants / Participants : You will be able to view the list of participants in the meeting. The controls to manage participants are displayed if you are logged in as the host.
    • Start Recording / Stop Recording : Recording can be started or stopped at any time. Your Zoom portal account will have access to the recording once it has been uploaded.
    • Chat :It is possible to chat with participants by accessing the chat window.
    • Request Remote Control: As soon as permission has been granted, you will be able to control the screen of another participant. You can either ask the room to control the screen of a participant remotely, or you can give the room control over a participant’s screen. The mouse and keyboard can be controlled by the room as soon as permission is granted.
    • Settings :You can access the room settings by clicking on the link below.
    • Volume slider : When the meeting is over, the volume will be reverted back to the default level in the room (it will revert back to the default level after the meeting is over).
    • End/Leave: Leave the meeting or End the meeting for everyone by selecting the appropriate option.