How to Nail the Zoom Background, From Our Friends at Room Rater

If the folks from Room Rater were to have a look at the background of your workspace right now, what would they make of it?

Would you like to learn more about Room Rater? A Twitter account, which began as a Tweet in April 2020 and has become a cultural touchstone within the remote work world, was created by Taylor and Bahrey in April 2020. There is no doubt that Claude, Jessie, and Room Rater have evolved into storytellers in the modern workplace by working as virtual interviewers, assessing candidates based on a sometimes loose set of criteria (we will discuss this in greater detail later). In their work, they craft narratives that reflect the character traits we can see from our backgrounds.

The room ratings were first done when Jessie and Claude rated the rooms of journalists who were broadcasting their first news stories from their homes for the first time while Claude took notes. It has become increasingly popular over the years for politicians and celebrities to engage with the Room Rater Twitter account. This is because”>account as it has grown in popularity over the past few years. Many of these individuals have engaged with Room Rater before or after receiving a rating from the platform.

After their interactions with Claude and Jessie, they realized that Room Rater wasn’t just a hobby that they participated in as a leisure activity, but rather something that offered them a sense of belonging. There was a focus on teaching people how to think differently about perception as well as instilling confidence in them so that they can thrive in a new way of doing business.

Some basic background tips for Zoom

Room Rater recently released a new book entitled “How to Zoom Your Room: Room Rater’s Ultimate Style Guide“, where Claude and Jessie have put together their design tips, ideas, and learnings in an all-encompassing book. As Zoom contacted the Team at Room Rater to understand what factors contribute to the ranking and the importance of having a well-organized background in order to ensure the accuracy of the rankings, Zoom contacted the Team at Room Rater.

As Claude and Jessie agree, sharing one’s real origins is a personal choice, and not everyone has to share it, and we would like to emphasize that first and foremost. You can upgrade your background game for very little cost, and it can greatly benefit you in a number of ways if you are willing to “be real.”

Claude believes that creating a professional and organized home environment doesn’t necessarily require you to buy new items. Instead, you should rearrange what you currently have in your home and organize it in a way that ensures a hygienic and organized environment for your family. In my opinion, a fruit bowl can be used for a lot of things.”

In the opinion of Claude and Jessie, here are a few simple things to remember:

  • DO create depth: It looks more professional if your background shows most of your space rather than a small swath of your space which has been zoomed in on.

  • DO prioritize light: An overexposed or underexposed background can be distracting to the viewer. It is very easy to create a virtual environment that looks pleasing by using the right lighting.

  • DON’T commit cord violations: It isn’t just dangerous to have cords exposed from all your electronic devices, but they look messy as well. Make sure the cords are neatly tucked away and the workspace looks professional by tidying them up.

Benefits of a quality Zoom background

A Zoom background that is well-organized can provide a number of benefits to you and your team, according to Claude and Jessie.

Foster connection with personal touches 

It makes a difference in the way that someone receives a call when they have a personal touch, as it makes them feel like they are all part of something together,” Jessie remarked. Plants and art are two items that can add an extra touch to the room, especially if the art was created by the kids themselves.

Make an impactful first impression 

Claude explained that Room Raters has been able to provide a small, but meaningful service to remote workers in a remote world of work, so we believe Zoom will remain in this field for some time to come. His presentation was a collection of anecdotes about how background information prepared people for virtual interviews (and how they got hired! ), conducted efficient and effective meetings, and formed bonds with coworkers at a distance. The important thing to keep in mind is to be organized in your background so that you can be successful in a virtual setting and make a positive impact on those on the call,” said Claude.

Build bonds through a shared humanity

The idea of having a child or pet appear in the background of your video at first seemed disorienting or unprofessional. The phenomenon of working from home has spread, and as a result of this, our perspectives have shifted, and we have become accustomed to receiving visits from children and pets unexpectedly,” Jessie explained. People who work from home are usually juggling a lot of things at the same time when they are working from home. There are a lot of ratings in Room Rater that favor backdrops that have babies and pets in them due to this humane aspect.



How do I make my Zoom background available to everyone?

  1. Log in to the account owner or administrator section of the Zoom online portal.
  2. Click Room Management then Zoom Rooms in the menu bar to access those features.
  3. Follow the option that says “Account Settings.”
  4. Simply navigate to the Account Profile tab.
  5. Find the Background picture for Zoom Rooms setting under the “Setup” tab of the menu.
  6. Choose the Upload Image option.
    Note: Please check that your image adheres to our criteria.
  7. Choose your image, then click the Open button.
    Below the setting, you will see a preview of the image that you have selected.
  8. If you want to lock the default picture for all of the Zoom Rooms associated with your account, you may do so by clicking the lock icon and then clicking Lock to confirm the new configuration. This step is optional.


How do you blur the background in Zoom?

Android and iOS devices:

Users will need to go into their Zoom mobile app on their mobile device and select the “More” option while setting up a meeting in order to gain access to the functionality. Select “Blur” from the menu that appears when you select “Virtual background” on an Android device or “Background and Effects” on an iOS device.

What is the best background for a Zoom presentation?

Maintain a background that is unremarkable so as not to distract your audience. Alternately, a well-thought-out color palette, comprised of hues that are harmonious when used together, can help the backdrop appear more put together. Stay away from yellow tones since they have the potential to appear washed out on video; instead, choose blues because they render the best.

What color background looks best on Zoom?

What are the best background colors for video conferencing?

There’s a solid reason why neutrals, whites, off-whites, and light grays are such popular color choices.

The use of calming colors helps viewers experience a more at ease visual environment.

Caution is advised while using the warm hues yellow and orange since they are stimulating and have the potential to elicit a diverse variety of emotional responses.