How to manage Workspace Reservation for admins in zoom App

Managing Workspace Reservation for admins

The Workspace Reservation feature allows users to schedule time in the office and reserve a workstation. The Zoom user portal makes it very easy to book available workspaces within the office or on mobile devices, either by using the Virtual Receptionist Kiosk and Zoom Rooms for Touch devices or by booking through Zoom Web. Using room reservation software, you can check-in quickly and easily to Zoom desks with QR codes, access interactive maps, and view the current status of the desks.

A kiosk or digital signage can display the available and reserved workspaces for wayfinding as part of a live view of the available and reserved workspaces that are set up by administrators and owners.

Prerequisites for using Workspace Reservations

  • With the help of a Zoom Rooms license, your organization is able to enable workspace reservations
  • by granting account owners and administrators access to workspaces
  • for any of the four account types: Pro, Business, Education, and Enterprise

How to use Workspace Reservation for Zoom Rooms as an admin

Enable or disable a Hot Desk

  1. As an administrator, you will have access to the Zoom web portal and will be able to modify the settings of your account.
  2. Navigate to the Room Management section and then click Zoom Rooms.
  3. Then click on the Room tab.
  4. You will then be able to add a new room.
    A page that allows you to create a Zoom room will appear.
  5. Depending on what workspace you’d like, you could choose a Zoom Rooms device-enabled workspace or a Zoom Rooms reservation-only workspace:
    • Under the Room Type drop-down menu, locate Zoom Rooms (for shared workspaces) on the drop-down menu, if Zoom Rooms for Touch devices will be available at the workspace.
    • The workspace can be made a reservation-only workspace if Zoom Rooms for Touch devices will not be available at the workspace. You can do this by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the Reservation Only option.
  6. Select the name of the room from the drop-down menu.
  7. From the list of calendars available, choose the one you wish to integrate.
  8. Then select the location where the workspace will be located (or search for it).
  9. For your Zoom Room, you can toggle hot desking on or off by clicking the Hot Desking toggle switch.
  10. Click on Finish.

Create reservation only desks or desks with Zoom Room devices

  1. If you are an admin, you can edit account settings from the Zoom web portal if you sign in as an admin.
  2. Go to the Zoom web portal by selecting Go to Room Management then Zoom Room after you sign in as an admin.
  3. Choose a location, a floor, or a room from the left-side hierarchy.
  4. Then click Rooms on the menu bar.
  5. Scroll down until you find and click the Zoom Room that you require.
  6. When you find the Zoom Room, click the “Room Settings” button and then the “Room Profile” button.
  7. When you click the toggle to enable or disable hotdesking, you’ll be taken to the Hot Desking page.

Activate Zoom Rooms for Touch devices for Workspace Reservation

  1. You can use the codes provided under Activation Code under the existing workspace to activate your Zoom Rooms for Touch device once it has been enabled as a reservable hot desk.
    It is also possible to sign in using any of the methods that Zoom Rooms supports.
  2. The option to regenerate an activation code is available if you want to receive one.

How to use Workspace Reservation for Zoom Phone Appliance as an admin

You can follow the instructions in this article to set up the Zoom Phone appliance at the beginning.

  1. As an administrator, you can edit both Zoom Room and Zoom Phone account settings through the Zoom Web portal once you’re signed in as an admin.
  2. Click the Phone System Management link in the navigation menu.
  3. Select Users and Rooms, then select Common Area Phones from the dropdown list.
    Note: In order to ensure common area phones are still available on the old Zoom platform, if you signed up for a new Zoom account after May 21, 2022, or if you enabled the New Common Area Experience on your account, you’ll see your common area phones under the new tab called Common Area in the Users & Rooms page.
  4. In order to change the settings of the common area, simply click on the name of the area.
    Note: The process of adding a new common area follows these steps.
  5. The first thing to do in the Zoom Phone Appliance section is to follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Zoom Room to which you would like to assign the Zoom Phone Appliance, then click Assign.
      The device list dashboard will then be redirected to the Zoom Phone Appliance and you can select the one you want.
    2. Click Edit and Assign your selected Zoom Phone Appliance to your shared office by clicking the pencil icon to the right.
    3. Getting back to the Phone System Management section, click Users & Rooms, then click Common Area Phones, and click Save.
    4. From the Common Area Management page, click the Settings icon next to the name of the area.
    5. Using the toggle switch under the Hot Desk section in the Zoom Phone Appliance section, enable Hot Desk.
    6. Connect the Zoom Phone Appliance to a calendar resource by selecting one of the available calendar services.
      When Hot Desk is enabled, your users will be able to see the desk on the map and be able to schedule a time at that desk.
    7. Choose the location for the Workspace Floor by selecting or searching for it.
    8. The Zoom Phone Appliance can be assigned to a workspace Floor location by clicking the Assign Location button.
      note: Floor selection is the only option available. After the ZPA has been configured, the Floor Map will display the ZPA.
  6. You will be able to add your Zoom Phone Appliances to the Floor Plan by following the instructions in the Edit Floor Map section.
    Note: There is a section in Edit Floor Map that designates Zoom Phone Appliances as Desk Phones.

How to upload a floor map

In order to learn more, you can read this Support article about how to add/upload a floor plan.

Create a floor plan that shows hot desks

  1. Then, you should go back to the Workspace tab once the floor map has been added.
  2. You may click Edit Floor Map once your floor map has been uploaded.
  3. You can drag a desk directly from the left panel to the map after you have added a desk to a floor map, or if a desk has already been created in a room list.
  4. Using the floor map, click a location if you want to automatically create a desk at that location.
    On the left panel, you will now see the desk on the map, and it will also appear under the Add Desk button.
    Note:This workspace needs to be configured with a calendar in Room Management in order to be able to be reserved.
  5. Once you have made the changes to the workspace, click Save.

Note: It is necessary to take one of the following actions to complete setting up a newly created workspaces so that they can be reserved:

  • It is going to be necessary to go back to the Room Settings and attach it to a calendar resource and device, if necessary.
  • To do this, click on “Add a Calendar” under the desk.

Edit hot desks in a floor map

While you are editing the floor plan, please take the following into consideration:

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the desk name in the left panel, under Add Desk.
  2. Give the desk a name that suits your requirements.

Delete hot desks in a floor map

While you are editing the floor plan, please take the following into consideration:

  1. Select the hot desk you wish to remove from the floor map by clicking on it.
  2. Select the Remove option.

Arrange desks on a floor map

  1. Please return to the Workspace tab once you’ve added a floor map.
  2. After uploading your floor map, you can arrange the desks by clicking Edit Floor Map.

How to delete a floor map

  1. Please return to the Workspace tab after you have added the floor map.
  2. After clicking the Edit Floor Map button, an ellipsis will appear.
  3. If you wish to delete the floor plan, click on Delete Floor Map.

How to add Zoom Rooms to the floor map

  1. Return to the Workspace tab after you have added a floor plan.
  2. Click Edit Floor Plan on the floor plan you uploaded.
  3. Then click Add Room on the left side of the window.
    Zoom Rooms for that floor will then appear in a list.
  4. The Zoom Room can then be dragged onto the floor map.
  5. The Zoom Room can then be resized to fit the map and fit onto the room.
  6. Click on the Save.

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How to enable Workspace Reservation on Kiosks

Rooms and locations can be individually configured for this to take place.

  1. As a Zoom account administrator with the privilege to edit account settings, log into the Zoom web portal.
  2. Select Room Management from the navigation menu then click Zoom Rooms from the dropdown list.
  3. Now click on Floors from the dropdown menu.
  4. To enable Workspace Reservation on the Kiosk for the floor you wish to enable, click the Edit button next to its name.
  5. Then select the Kiosk tab.
  6. You will be able to configure the Kiosk by selecting the Workspace checkbox under the Select functions you would like to configure.
  7. To enable or disable the Receptionist function, select or deselect the Receptionist check box under Select functions that you would like to configure with the Kiosk.

How to add a floor map to digital signage

Depending on the type of digital signage display or individual room preferences, this can be configured.

  1. Log in as a Zoom admin with the privilege of editing account settings by logging into the Zoom web portal.
  2. Go to the Room Management menu, then Zoom Rooms in the navigation menu.
  3. Click any of the rooms, kiosks, and digital signage displays from the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. On the left-hand side, click Edit next to the room or location name.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Digital Signage.
  6. In the Content List 1 section, click the Add Content button.
    A window similar to the one below will pop up.
  7. Once there, click the tab for Workspace Reservations.
  8. Click the check box next to Workspace Reservations.
  9. Select the item you would like to add.
  10. You will be able to see your changes on your digital signage once you click Save.

Configure account-level Workspace Reservation settings

Configure the Workspace tab

  1. If you are an admin, you will be able to edit your account settings after signing in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Go to the Zoom Rooms tab in the navigation menu and click Room Management.
  3. In the left-hand hierarchy, find the account you wish to manage and click it.
  4. Select the account’s settings from the drop-down menu.
  5. Next, click Workspace from the drop-down menu.
  6. Make sure that the settings for your workspace are correct. By clicking the toggles next to the relevant settings, you can enable or disable them:
    • Enable or disable display of the user’s profile on the map when a desk is reserved
    • Provide users with the option of reserving a workspace using their Zoom accounts
      Note: In the event that a device associated with the workspace is present at the time the user is checked in, the device will be signed in by the user.
    • There will be specific groups or users who will be able to make reservations to be able to access this location
    • according to the recommendations of the desk

Enable or disable Room Check-In and Check-Out

You can find more information about enabling or disabling Room Check-In and Check-Out in this Support article on enabling and disabling it.

Note: It is important to note that if Check-in and Check-out for the Room are disabled, then Check-in and Check-out functionality for Workspace Reservations will also be disabled.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you need to sign in to the account.
  2. You can schedule a meeting by clicking on Meetings, and then clicking on Schedule a Meeting.
  3. There are a number of options available when selecting a meeting. In some cases, it may not be possible to use some of these options if they have been disabled and locked to the off position at the group or account level, depending on whether these settings have been disabled and locked to the off position. The meeting topic or name can be entered in this field. …
  4. Please save your work to complete the process.
Zoom’s Workspace Reservation feature allows users to reserve an office space for on-site work, allowing organizations to support hybrid workforces by providing them with the flexibility they need to accomplish their tasks. By using Zoom’s Workspace Reservation feature, users can reserve an office space on-site for on-site work. Additionally, this functionality is also available to organizations that already subscribe to Zoom Rooms licenses, so that people who already have this subscription will still be able to use this functionality.
It is possible for users to reserve a workspace in the office through the Workspace Reservation system. If a user wants to reserve a desk or a meeting room, there are several methods available to him/her, such as at the Zoom web portal, a Virtual Receptionist Kiosk, Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, or via a Virtual Receptionist Kiosk in the office.
Meet with the person you want to meet. The Meetings tab will appear once you click on it. In order to invite others to a meeting that you select, you will be able to copy the invitation and send it to them after you select the meeting that you wish to invite them to. Copy and paste the meeting invitation into your email or anywhere else that you wish to send it to the participants that you want them to receive it, and you will be able to share it with them.
The Zoom for Gmail icon will appear in the right-hand panel of the right-hand panel, to the right of the email thread, on the right side of the right-hand panel. To begin a meeting, click on the Start a meeting button. The meeting details will be entered in the meeting entry box, then click CREATE MEETING. A meeting will be created instantly, and a meeting thread will be opened with the meeting details attached.

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