How to pair/control Zoom Rooms from mobile app

Zoom Rooms have controllers in some areas of the room that may not always be near the most convenient locations, especially as people return to their offices and want to avoid shared touch surfaces. To address this concern, Zoom users can pair your mobile device to your Zoom Room so that you can use your mobile device to control some Zoom Room functions. On your mobile device, you will now be able to connect with the Zoom Room you are currently in, join or start meetings, and control the Zoom Room all by using the Zoom Room app instead of having to interact with the Zoom Room tablet controller other than perhaps a tap to wake the Zoom Room.

Zoom desktop can also be paired with a Zoom Room, so that you can either start or join meetings in that Zoom Room from the Zoom desktop client.

Note :

First of all, before the Zoom mobile app can be used to pass a meeting to a Zoom Room, the Zoom Room must be paired with the Zoom mobile app first. However, once a meeting is already in progress or has been joined, the Zoom Room cannot be paired.

Prerequisites for pairing and controlling a Zoom Room from the Zoom mobile app

  • Zoom mobile app
    • Android version 5.5.0 (1282) or higher
    • IOS version 5.5.0 (12452.0131) or higher
  • Zoom Rooms Controller app installed on your mobile device
    • Android version 5.5.0 (388) or higher
    • IOS version 5.5.0 (234.0128) or higher
  • Zoom Rooms
    • Windows version 5.5.0 (2400.0131) or higher
    • MacOS version 5.5.0 (3353.0130) or higher
  • Both devices must be signed-in as members of the same account.

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Pairing with the Zoom Room

  • Open the Zoom mobile app and sign in to your Zoom account.
  • Tap the Zoom Room pairing icon located at the top-left corner of the screen in the Meet & Chat tab.
  • Enter the Sharing Key displayed on the Zoom Room screen and tap on Pair to successfully pair the Zoom Room with your mobile app.
  • Once paired, the name of the Zoom Room will appear above the search bar.
  • Choose between joining or starting a meeting using either Join from Room or your mobile phone.
  • If you choose Join from Room, the Zoom Room joins the meeting while your mobile device joins the meeting without audio and video.
  • Leave the meeting by tapping on the Leave option:
    • Leave from Room: Disconnect your mobile device from the Zoom Room and unpair it.
    • Leave from My Phone: Disconnect your mobile device from the meeting without disconnecting the Zoom Room.
  • Access the following options using the mobile app:
    • Room Controller: Open the Zoom Room controller app or download it from the app store.
    • Share: Share content during the meeting.
    • Participants: View and manage the list of participants.
    • More: Access additional settings.
    • Record: Start recording the meeting to the cloud.
    • Disconnect Audio: Disconnect from the meeting audio.
    • Security: Use the security options in the meeting.
    • Chat: Chat with other participants using the chat window.
    • Enable Live Transcript: The host can enable live transcription if it’s enabled in the web settings.
    • View Full Transcript: View the full transcript if the host has enabled Live Transcription.
    • Raise Hand: Indicate that you have a question or comment.
    • Meeting Settings: Access some preferences related to the current meeting.
    • Virtual Background: Configure and enable a virtual background.
    • Live stream to YouTube: Stream the meeting live to YouTube.
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Controlling the Zoom Room on your mobile device

If you use your mobile device to control a Zoom Room from its connected setup, all of the controls you have will be streamlined and similar to the Zoom Room’s main controls. This could be as simple as connecting a smart device, and making use of the Zoom Room’s remote control.

  • Mute / Unmute: The microphone of the room can be muted or unmuted.
  • Start Video / Stop Video: Plays or stops video recordings.
  • Share Content or Camera: You can share content from your laptop, mobile device, or second camera by following the instructions. Multiple Participants Can Share Simultaneously: You will see a screen allowing multiple people to share their content or screen simultaneously.
  • Advanced Sharing Options: When someone shares in your meeting, you can specify who can share and whether the host or any of the participants can begin a new share.
    • Who Can Share?: Select whether to allow only hosts to share or to allow all participants.
    • Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing: Decide whether all participants or only the host can interrupt participants sharing content.
    • Optimize Full-screen Video Sharing: Check this box if you are going to share a full screen video clip. The shared screen may become blurry if you check this otherwise.
  • Camera Control: PTZ camera settings can be changed, presets can be changed, or you can change your camera from a list and select a different one.
  • More: The Zoom Room has additional features you can access by tapping this option.
  • Security (only available if the room is the host or co-host): Various meeting features can be enabled or disabled. The participant list contains some of the settings as well as security settings.
    • Lock Meeting: This prevents others from joining the meeting while it is in progress.
    • Enable Waiting Room: Select if the current meeting should have Waiting Room enabled.
    • Allow Participants to: Choose whether all participants should be able to use the following features: Screen sharing and chat, Rename Themselves, Unmute Themselves, Annotate on Shared Content.
    • Remove Participant: The participant will be removed from the meeting. As long as you do not allow participants to rejoin, they will not be able to do so.
    • Report: If you need to report an incident, or if you believe there has been a violation of our Terms or Community Standards, then please contact us using the form below.
  • Manage Participants / Participants: Manage the participants of a meeting. It’s up to you to manage a meeting’s participants if you’re the host.
  • Change View: This will allow you to change the video layout on the room display.
  • Options: You can adjust other layout options by tapping the icon below Change View.
  • Start Recording: Tap the Start Recording button to begin recording.
  • Chat: Use the in-meeting chat feature. Neither the controller nor the paired mobile controller will allow you to reply in chat messages, only to view them. Access the chat settings by tapping the gear icon at the bottom of the screen:
    • Show notification on TV: When this option is selected, chat messages will be shown on the Zoom desktop as notifications.
    • Show full chat panel on TV: When this option is selected, the full chat transcript will be shown on the Zoom Room screen.
  • Settings: You can access the room settings, for example, the microphone, speakers, camera, and other advanced settings of the room (with the room passcode).
  • Volume slider: If you want to increase the volume of the room’s speakers, you must do this beforehand (this will revert to the default volume of the room after the meeting ends).
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You can turn off your mobile device’s connection to the Zoom Room at any time by tapping Unpair. If the Zoom Room remains connected to the meeting until it ends or someone taps Leave on the controller tablet, the Zoom Room will remain connected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Zoom Rooms can be managed remotely in a number of ways
  1. You will need to sign into the Zoom website.
  2. Then select Zoom Rooms from the Room Management menu.
  3. To manage a Zoom Room, you will need to select it from the Zoom Room list.
  4. Then click on Edit.
  5. In the Room Settings tab, you will find a button labelled Devices, which you should click.
  6. Depending on your preferences, there are multiple speakers, microphones, and cameras to choose from.
It is possible to connect to an SIP/H meeting by using the pairing feature. This means that you can join a Zoom meeting from any 323 device without having to enter the Meeting ID from that device.
In order to operate the Zoom Room in the most efficient manner, it is necessary to use multiple controllers, provided they are of the same type. If you have a Windows device and a Mac device, for example, you cannot operate the Zoom Room properly, but if you have two Windows controllers, you can do so.
The Zoom Web portal will generate an activation code as soon as a Zoom Room is created within the Zoom Web portal and an email will be sent to the user responsible for creating the room as well as becoming available in the Zoom Web Portal for viewing as soon as the room has been created. In order to activate the account, you will need to generate a new activation code after the current one has expired, and which is valid for 10 days.
For users who are interested in collaboration or viewing a meeting at the same time at Zoom Meeting, Zoom Meeting licenses are available, and Zoom Rooms licenses are recommended for conferences with multiple people attending or viewing the meeting at the same time at Zoom Rooms.

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