How to Update a virtual appliance in Zoom

From the web console interface, you are able to update virtual appliances directly.

Note: Operating systems running lower than CentOS 7.6 will require a re-deployment and the web console interface cannot be used to update such devices.

Prerequisites for updating the appliance

  • Connector for Meetings or Virtual Rooms that is running
  • on the server and has administrative access to the web interface

How to update a virtual appliance on the web console interface

  1. Navigate to the web console of the appliance from your web browser: https://IPaddress:5480
  2. Use your admin credentials to access the console.
  3. After entering your credentials, click on Update.
  4. After clicking Check for Updates, the console will be updated.
  5. Click Install Updates if there is an available update.
    After clicking this, the appliance will begin to download and install the update. Afterwards, the appliance will restart automatically when the installation is complete.
  6. You should check the web console to see that the update has been successfully installed.
  7. Verify that the MMRP is running and that ZCTRL is running by clicking on Dashboard.