Inbound call notifications (desk phones) In Zoom App

It is an excellent addition to your desk phone to see if you are receiving calls from the international and national number, or if it has been routed to your number (for example, local numbers, company numbers, or call queue numbers). An overview of how inbound notifications can be used in certain scenarios is summarized in this article.


Note :

Zoom desktop clients and mobile apps provide more detailed call notifications than desk phones. If you want more detailed notifications, use the mobile app or desktop client.

Direct phone number

When a caller dials your direct number, you will typically find your name displayed at the top of the call notification screen, if that is what the caller dialed. In addition to the immediate call notification, the direct caller’s phone number is also displayed, highlighted, or highlighted in yellow. However, for this model, the name is not displayed.

Company number, auto receptionist, or IVR

In most phone models, the caller can see the name of the person who called by dialing the organization number and your extension number. In addition, these rules apply if your call was handled by a voice response system (IVR) or automatic receptionist.

Depending on the Yealink model, your name may or may not be displayed.

Note : 

Neither the company number nor the automatic receptionist’s number appears in the call notification. The direct number is highlighted or displayed instead. The calculator will highlight/display your primary direct number if you have multiple direct numbers specified in your Line Keys setting. You will see a message like the following if you don’t have direct numbers (usually your name) on the call notification.

Call queue

Usually, the name of the call queue will display on the phone if the caller directly dials a queue.

Note :

It is not possible to view the number of the call queue in the call notification. However, your direct number appears or is highlighted instead. You can specify in your line key settings your primary number to show if you have multiple direct numbers.

The call queues will not notify you about incoming calls if you are on a call or if you have disabled call queue notifications.

Internal contact

The call notification displays the Zoom profile name and extension number of the caller if the call was from another Zoom Phone user in the same organization. It will display or highlight the number they dialed if they called your direct number.

Note :

A call notification will display your direct number if they dialed your extension. Your primary direct phone number is displayed or highlighted if you have multiple direct numbers.

Call delegation or shared line group

If you are a delegator, delegator, or member of a shared line group, you can learn more about inbound call notifications by reading our articles about call delegation and shared line groups.