Setting up speed dial and busy lamp field (BLF) In Zoom App

The speed dial feature on a telephone allows you to assign any number to a line key so that the number appears in a quick search. A number can be dialed on your phone by pressing a line key on the phone’s touch screen, or by pressing a physical line key on the phone itself.

This field (BLF) is present in Zoom Phone for the purpose of showing the status of another internal user’s call. In the case of a call, for instance, you will usually see a red indicator light or icon, indicating that that user is on the phone.

You can also choose the order for outbound caller ID, aliases for line keys, as well as the various features of speed dial and BLF, in order to identify which of your contacts have these features.

Prerequisites for setting up speed dial and busy lamp field (BLF)

  • License for Zoom Phone
  • Phones Provisioned Desk Phones that support speed dialing as well as BLF

Limitations of speed dial and busy lamp field (BLF)

In order to make best use of speed dial or BLF, these considerations must be taken into account:

  • It is not possible to adjust the outbound caller ID of a number when setting up speed dial or BLF.
  • BLF allows you to only see the status of another user’s call only if the information is provided by the other user. BLF is not able to show you the status of calls on any other extensions; for example, Zoom Rooms and telephones in the common area cannot be viewed.
  • If you set up BLF, you cannot have the phone user you are setting up as part of a shared line group or call delegation setup.
  • All the devices subscribed to a particular phone user’s BLF will need to reboot if the phone user changes their extension number.
  • The lines for the speed dial and the BLF won’t work for any devices that are set to shared mode. From the web portal, the settings pertaining to speed dialing and BLF will not be syncing to these devices.
  • A desk phone manufacturer defines the icon and color scheme for BLF. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be different ways to display status. Learn more about how to use speed dial and BLF on your desk phone by visiting the manufacturer’s support site.
  • When speed dials or BLF settings are changed directly on the phone, they are not synced to Zoom. BLF and speed dial settings are only synchronized with desk phones via the web portal.
  • When adding speed dials to supported Yealink phones, you can add pauses by using commas (,). This can be used to join a meeting by adding a dial string. In the following example, a typical dial string would look like this: 18001231234,,1234567908#,,123456#.

How to access line key settings


In case you are an admin, you will be able to access the settings for the common phone or all users that you have in your account.

  1. To access the web portal of Zoom, you will need to sign in.
  2. Select Phone System Management from the navigation menu and then select Users & Rooms.
  3. Select the Users or Public Phones tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. You will find that the Common Area phones have been migrated to the new tab in the Users & Rooms page of the Zoom website if you have created a new Zoom account after May 21, 2022 or if the New Common Area Experience was enabled on your account.
  5. Activate the user’s or the common area’s phone by clicking on the respective name.
  6. You will find User Settings under the Phone tab and Settings under the Common Area Phones tab.
  7. On the Keys and Positions tab, click the Edit or View button.
  8. The Manage Key button will appear.


You can access the settings of your own line key if you’re a phone user.

  1. Log on to the Zoom web portal by entering your Zoom username and password.
  2. Then click the Phone button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click View or Edit under Keys & Positions.
  5. Select Manage Key.

How to set up speed dial

  1. As an administrator or user, you can access the line key settings.
  2. Click on the key you want to set, and select the desired key.
  3. Click on the following fields and make the necessary changes:
    • Key Type: Choose Speed Dial.
    • Line Subscription: Include the following information in an E.164 phone number.
      • Country code
      • Area code
      • Phone number
    • Alias (Optional): This will appear on the phone as an alias. In cases where you have more than one shared line or direct number, an alias makes it easier to identify the lines. There is no effect on the caller ID if the alias is visible only on the desk phone.
    • Note: The default alias will be replaced by the custom alias you enter.
    • Key (optional): You can re-arrange the order of the key lines. You can drag and drop a row in the order you want, or move it by clicking the arrow buttons.
  4. Then click Save.
    Note : 
    If you have associated phones, they will restart automatically in order to take effect. It is possible that the phone will reboot more than once.

How to use speed dial

Note: Be sure your desk phone supports speed dialing and that you have set up speed dialing.


  1. The following number should be used for speed dialing:
    • VVX series with physical line keys: From the phone’s home screen, simply tap on the line key. A solid green light appears to indicate that the line key is activated.
    • VVX series with a touch screen: The line key should be pressed in the traditional manner.
  2. You can also pick up the headset if you wish. Switching back to the speakerphone mode can be accomplished by pushing the speakerphone button (usually found on the right side of the physical dial pad).


  1. Please dial the following speed dial number:
    • T5 and T4 series with a touchscreen: From the home screen of the phone, press the line key.
    • T4 series without a touchscreen: If your hand phone does not have a touchscreen, you need to use the physical line key. The line key light will turn solid green while your hand phone is in use.
  2. (Optional) Pick up the headset that comes with the handset. If you need to switch back to speakerphone mode, all you have to do is push the speakerphone button (which is usually found just to the left of the physical dial pad).

How to set up busy lamp field (BLF)

  1. As an administrator or a user, you can access line key settings.
  2. To do so, click Set Key under one of the keys.
  3. In the following columns, you can modify the following:
    • Key Type: Select BLF.
    • Line Subscription: Type in the extension number and the name of the phone user. Users setting up BLF must be logged into the same account. The site to which they belong can be different from the one where the BLF is being deployed.
    • Alias (Optional): Please enter the telephone alias you wish to use. If you have several shared lines or direct phone numbers, an alias can make it easier to identify them. Using the alias changes nothing about the caller ID on the desk phone.
    • Note: The default alias will be replaced by the custom alias.
  4. Then click Save.
    Note :
    When the changes have been applied, connected phones will automatically reboot. Reboots may occur more than once.

How to use busy lamp field (BLF)

Note :

  • Ensure that your desk phone supports BLF and that it is set up and that it is integrated into the BLF system.
  • Icons and lights for BLF are explained in this section as a general introduction. Each desk phone manufacturer has its own specific definitions for these icons and lights. The icons and lights are shown in different ways depending on the model/manufacturer. For more information about using BLF on your desk phone, please go to the manufacturer’s support website. 

It is important to realize that the following indicator lights will show up on your BLF lines when you set it up:

Pattern and color Description
Solid green phone user is not on a call
Solid red phone user is on a call

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLF in zoom?

In this article you will learn how to set up a speed dial and a busy lamp field (BLF). The products.

How do you set a dial in Zoom?

Dedicated Dial-In Numbers for Users can be enabled by enabling the following settings

  1. If you are the owner or administrator of an account, please sign in to the Zoom Web Portal.

  2. You can access User Management from the navigation panel, followed by Users.

  3. To assign the number to a specific user, click Edit next to the user on the right side of the screen.

  4. It is possible to enable the dedicated dial-in number by checking the appropriate box.

  5. When you have finished clicking Save, click OK.

Where is the Zoom dial number?

Your meeting invitation will include the international dial-in numbers or you can view a full list of international dial-in numbers by clicking here. It will ask you for the meeting ID, which is the nine (9), ten (10), or eleven (11) digit ID you received from the host, and then it will prompt you for the #.

What is a toll call in Zoom?

Depending on the Zoom meeting invitation, the dial-in numbers for that meeting can be marked as toll-free or non-toll by adding “Toll Free” in parentheses following the number. A dial-in number without parenthesis after it is likely to be a toll number, if you do not see a parenthesis after the dial-in number. It is important to note that the meeting host has the option of customizing the invitation.

Why does my Zoom meeting not allow phone dial in?

As an owner or admin, you will be able to edit the account settings by signing in to the Zoom web portal as an owner or admin. Select Account Management from the navigation menu, and then click Account Settings from the Account Management menu. In the Audio Conferencing section, click on the tab that says Audio Conferencing. It is possible to enable or disable the feature by clicking the toggle button that says Call Me and Invite by Phone.

Does Zoom dial in use data?

There is no doubt that Zoom makes use of internet data in order to function. To make the program work, you need to have high-speed internet or a data plan that enables you to access the internet. Using a phone, you will not need to consume any data when you call into Zoom. If you do this, you won’t be able to share your screen, use Zoom’s video feature, or use most of Zoom’s other features if you do this.

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