Hardware as a Service (HaaS) returns and replacements in Zoom App

Occasionally, Zoom Hardware as a Service (HaaS) devices may need to be returned or replaced for any reason. This may be because you are experiencing problems with your device or you would like to terminate your Zoom subscription.

How to replace a device with the same model

You can contact Zoom Support for assistance in troubleshooting issues with your HaaS device if you are experiencing any issues with it. Your MAC address may need to be found in order for the process to be completed. Support can assist you with exchanging your device for another one that is the same model if they are unable to resolve the issue.

In order to complete the exchange, you will receive a return label, a box, and tracking information for the old device once your exchange has been processed.

How to exchange a device for a different model

The account representative of the company you work with will be able to help you with replacing a device with another model if necessary (Account Executive, Customer Success Manager or sales representative). It would be helpful if you could let Zoom Support know who your account representative is if you do not know who they are.

You will receive a return label as well as a box for returning your old device once your exchange has been processed.

How to return a device and end your HaaS rental

Please contact your account representative if you wish to return your device and end your HaaS subscription (Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or sales representative) to arrange for it to be sent back. I would recommend contacting Zoom Support if you do not know who your account representative is.

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After your return has been processed, you will receive a label and a box with which to return the device once it has been processed.