Group message notification in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

You can change the notification settings of the Zoom message from the setting menu.
You can change the settings for an individual group or for all groups.
You can also choose to not receive notifications during a meeting by setting a time you do not want to be interrupted.

This page explains the following items.

  • Change notification for all group chats
  • Individual group chat change notification


  • Zoom Client for Mac version 4.1.8826.0925 or higher
  • Zoom Client for PC, version 4.1.8826.092 5 or more

Change notification for all group chats

  1. Login to Zoom Client
  2. Click [Settings] on the home screen .

Select the Chat (Instant Messaging) tab.

  1. You will be presented with an instant message notification option.

Chat settings

  • Show Code Snippet Button: Show button to send code snippet
  • A preview of the link including non-  : If you send a chat, you When this option is selected image and preview text in the screen is displayed.
  • Show status as offline if inactive for the next time : Select how long the inactive time will be shown as offline.
  • Left side theme: Select the brightness of the left side theme from [ Dark ] or [ Light ].

Unread message

  • Keep all unread messages at the top: Display unread messages at the top.
  • Show channel unread message badge ( n ) : Display the number of unread messages.
  • Application Icon Bounce on New Mail Received: Select whether the application icon bounces in the dock when a new message is received and bounces only once or continuously until you read the message.

Push Notification

  • All Messages: Select this item to receive notification of all messages you receive.
  • Personal message and mention only: Select to receive only a message with mention (@Your Name) or @all.
  • None: Click this item to set excluded groups. Change the radio button of each group.
  • There is an exception : you can select the channel you want to exception the above settings.


  • Show offline contactSelect whether to show contacts in your contact list even if you are offline.
  • Blocked Users: Click Manage  Blocked Users to check for blocked users and remove users from the blocked list.
  • Setting the loading time (start time to end time): Set the time when notification is not received.
  • Mute notifications during meetings or calls  : Select this item if you do not want to receive notifications during Zoom meetings.

Change notifications for each group chat


  • Log in to the Zoom client.
  1. Click the Chat icon.
  1. Click the group chat name for which you want to change the notification to open a chat window.
  2.  Click the “i” (information mark)  at the top.
  1. Select whether to receive the next notification.
  • Unread message badge ( n ) display: Display the number of unread messages.
  • All Messages: Select this to receive notification of all messages in this group.
  • Direct message or mention only: Select to receive only a message with mention (@Your Name) or @all.
  • None: Select not to receive chat notifications for this group.


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