Requesting a toll-free number port In Zoom App (US, Canada)

A number port allows you to transfer an existing Zoom Phone number to Zoom Phone from another carrier. The Zoom Porting Team needs to handle the toll-free porting process manually.


You can find common issues and solutions to porting issues in our list of commonly encountered issues.

Prerequisites for requesting a toll-free number port for US or Canada

  • Account owner or admin permissions
  • Zoom toll-free phone licenses


If you are planning to use your existing phone with Zoom Phone please contact Zoom ahead of time. As a result, it is likely that you will have to contact your current service provider on the day of porting to have your phone unlocked, so that we can provision your phone to Zoom Phone.

How to request a toll-free number port for US or Canada

  1. Complete and submit a Letter of Agency (LOA) as soon as possible.
  2. You may contact us at
  3. The completed LOA (required) and a copy of the current invoice which includes one or more toll-free numbers should be attached.
  4. Once a Zoom team member has reviewed the request and confirmed receipt, it will be processed.
  5. In order to verify the information on the LOA with your previous provider, Zoom Phone will send a request to them. When the pending porting service is accepted by Zoom and the previous provider, both will work toward activating the transfer. As soon as the request has been approved, you will be able to manage it on the Zoom web portal.