Understanding Zoom Events Expo

As part of Zoom Events, Expo is a feature that allows event organizers to set up a virtual exhibition that allows attendees to meet other exhibitors and booths at the exhibition, allowing them to find out more about what the exhibitors have to offer.

In addition to exploring and networking on the Expo floor in person, attendees can also do so virtually, just as they would in person. You will have the chance to visit an exhibitor booth, interact with other attendees and network with exhibitors on the Expo floor.

There are several topics covered in this article, including:

  • Frequently asked questions about Zoom Events expo
  • Event organizer frequently asked questions about expo
  • Sponsor frequently asked questions
  • Attendee frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Zoom Events expo

Do I need to pay extra for the expo feature?

It is not. When you purchase a Zoom Event license, you will have the option to add the Expo feature as an optional feature.

Are there any additional restrictions on using expo?

Since Expo is one of the features that Zoom Events provides, the same restrictions will apply to it as well. Expo is one of the features that Zoom Events offers.

How many users can be in Expo at any given time?

A single event can support up to 1,500 simultaneous users on the expo floor of the event. As soon as the expo floor reaches capacity, Zoom Events users will be shown a message stating that the expo floor is full.

Note: A capacity increase per event cannot be made by the event organizer.

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What are spaces? How many are available for my booth?

In a booth, there are different sessions that take place in different spaces. In terms of sponsorship levels, a booth can have a maximum of four spaces, depending on the level of sponsorship. It is the responsibility of the booth representative (non-sponsored) and sponsor representative (sponsored) to begin their respective sessions for the booth before attendees are able to participate in them.

What is chat in expo?

Attendees can engage in conversation on the expo floor or within an expo booth during the expo by interacting with each other, sponsors, speakers, booth owners, and other special-role users as part of the expo chat. The Zoom Chat feature must be enabled for your account by your account administrator in order for you to use the chat feature as an attendee.

You can initiate a 1:1 chat with a user who is in Expo and is open to networking (which means that he or she is available to chat with other users).

What are Booth Resources?

At the booth resource area, attendees are provided with a variety of information regarding the company, its products and services, as well as other information about the company. As well as viewing videos and images, attendees can also download PDF files from the website.

How do I know when expo is closing?

In order to inform all users that the Expo will be closing at the end of the day, a system notification will be displayed at the top of the page. In the event that the expo is about to close, there are a number of notifications that will appear:

  • It will be possible to receive a notification when 30 minutes remain until the expo.
  • There is another notification that appears when there are 5 minutes left until the end of the expo.
  • There will be a counter showing the time left until the end of the exhibition.
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Upon closing of the expo, all users will be automatically redirected back to the lobby area of the event.

Event organizer frequently asked questions about expo

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Sponsor frequently asked questions

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Attendee frequently asked questions

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