Wainhouse Research: Zoom Whiteboard Elevates Conference Room Collaboration

Wainhouse Research has released a report that explores the role of Zoom’s brand new whiteboard in the meeting room. This is a follow-up report to their recent report, “A First Look at Zoom’s New Whiteboard”.

Wainhouse’s follow-up report, “Zoom’s New Whiteboard in the Meeting Room” provides an in-depth review of how Zoom Whiteboard’s new whiteboard combined with the meeting room creates a cohesive, intuitive workspace, which is ideal for hybrid teams that want to collaborate. In addition to looking at how workers’ communication and collaboration needs have evolved, Wainhouse’s follow-up report examines the evolution of workers’ communication and collaboration needs.

As a result of the report, the following key insights have been identified:

Zoom Whiteboard is a critical hybrid work solution 

Providing hybrid teams with the flexibility and intuitive collaboration features they need to succeed, Zoom Whiteboard provides flexibility and ease of access to a single cloud-based solution that can be accessed no matter where they are, what device they are using, or their time zone. In addition, there are many advantages to using this whiteboard as opposed to a traditional whiteboard, including:

  • It’s easily shareable – Using Zoom Team Chat with Whiteboard, you have the ability to share any whiteboard directly with your team before as well as after a meeting, enabling collaboration between you and your colleagues before and after a meeting.

  • Add resources to your heart’s content – Adding new user content to your canvas will keep things organized, and if you want to consolidate projects, you can even add multiple canvas boards to a single one to keep things organized

  • Leverage intuitive features – With the use of easy-to-use features like shapes and connectors, sticky notes, and more, you can recreate a traditional whiteboard experience in a digital space and allow everyone to contribute to the discussions.

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Enjoy a collaboration-ready environment with Zoom Rooms and Zoom Whiteboard 

It is well known that everyone has their favorite device when it comes to technology, and organizations are no different when it comes to this. It is nevertheless possible for employees to struggle to pair or integrate their devices with on-site technology as their devices may not be compatible with on-site technology, resulting in the need for specific integrations or the upgrade of their devices in order to experience a seamless experience.

Zoom Rooms provides users with a device-flexible environment where they can use Zoom Whiteboard on a number of different devices, including mobile and touch screen devices, laptops, and many others to leverage a variety of hardware solutions. Simply pair your device with the Zoom Room using a sharing key and you will be able to start collaborating on a whiteboard within the Zoom Room. In the whiteboard section, you will find the option to create a new one or to share one that already exists.

Simplify collaboration and increase adoption 

As teams have so many options at their disposal, sometimes it can be hard to standardize your collaboration efforts or increase the adoption of new solutions as there are a number of different options available to them.

There are both free and paid plans for Zoom Whiteboard, so you can use it with either platform. For paid subscriptions, you are given the option to use unlimited whiteboards on your Zoom Meetings. For people who have never used Zoom Whiteboard before, this makes it easy for them to try it out. You’ll be able to drive adoption with Zoom’s user-friendly features and controls that are already familiar to Zoom users, so that everyone will be able to join in the fun and engage with the system.

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Additionally, Zoom Whiteboard facilitates and standardizes collaboration by simplifying and standardizing the process. It is easily possible to create visual workflows by using features such as shapes, connectors, and drop-down menus that are easy to understand and follow for collaborators. As a direct result of our templates feature, you can ensure that each team member’s contribution follows a clear and intuitive format in their contributions. With Zoom Whiteboard you will be able to create engaging on-site collaboration sessions on the fly, allowing remote participants to equally participate in the sessions with access to the same tools, features, and functionalities as their colleagues on-site, while leveraging Zoom Rooms to create engaging on-site collaboration sessions.




What are the benefits of Zoom in research?

The ability to safely record and save sessions within Zoom without the need for additional software is one of the platform’s most notable benefits. This characteristic is particularly significant in the field of research because there is a requirement to preserve extremely sensitive data.

What are the objectives of Zoom?

We assist you in expressing ideas, establishing connections with other people, and working toward a future that is constrained only by your imagination. We were the first company to build a platform for frictionless communications that used video as its primary building block, and ever since then, we have been the industry leader in terms of innovation.

What is the benefit of using Whiteboard in Zoom?

What is a Zoom hybrid?

What exactly constitutes a hybrid meeting? A hybrid meeting is one that has attendees (and/or presenters) who participate in-person as well as virtually. According to Bucom, it is comparable to a late-night chat show in that there is both a live studio audience and individuals viewing from their own homes. This analogy, however how wonderful it is, is not without its flaws. In general, meetings are not one-sided conversations.