What is a Zoom meeting ID

This post was most recently updated on July 22nd, 2022

What is a meeting ID

The meeting number associated with the instant meeting or scheduled meeting.

There are 9 digit numbers and 10 digit numbers for the meeting ID.

  • 9 digit number
    Used for instant meetings, scheduled meetings, and regular meetings.
  • 10 digit number
    Used for personal meeting ID.

This article explains the following:

Find Meeting ID During Meeting

For PC / Mac:

The meeting ID is displayed at the top left of the Zoom meeting window.

When the meeting ID is not displayed

If you move the cursor to the Zoom screen, it will be displayed in the window.

In full screen mode

Press [Esc] to cancel full screen display and display the meeting ID at the top of the window.

For iPad and iPhone:

For iPad and iPhone, tap the screen to display the meeting ID.


When you click [Invite] , the invitation URL: zoom.us/j/ 123456789 is displayed.

-The number (9 digits) displayed here is the meeting ID.

Check the Meeting ID of Scheduled MTG

  1. Check on the web after logging into My Meeting, the meeting to be held will be searched from the [Next Meeting] tab, and the already held meeting will be searched from the [Last Meeting] tab.
    You can find the meeting ID on the right side of the topic.

When you click a specific subject, [Copy invitations] is displayed.
You can copy, paste, and edit email, instant messages, or calendar invitations.

  1. Confirm with the appTap [Plan] to display the list of meetings to be held.
    Below the topic you can find the meeting ID.

When the meeting ID becomes invalid

In the case of instant meeting

It will be disabled when the instant meeting is over.

For scheduled non-periodic meetings

  • If the meeting has not been recordedIt becomes invalid 30 days after the meeting is scheduled or started.
    The same meeting ID can be used again within 30 days.
  • If the meeting is recorded in the cloudIt will expire 90 days after the meeting starts.

For regular meetings

The meeting ID becomes invalid 365 days after the last meeting start.
You can reuse the meeting ID in subsequent sessions.


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