Zoom error 1012 – How To Fix

Message 1012 in Zoom during download may occur when installing the program on older versions of the operating system.

How to fix error 1012 when installing in Zoom

Instructions if Zoom gives error 1012 on an old OS version:

  • Open a browser;
  • In “Tools” click on “Internet Options”;
  • Click on “Advanced”;
  • Check the boxes next to “Use TSL 1.1” and “Use TSL 1.2”;
  • Save your changes.

Then open your browser again and download the app from the zoom.us official website. The weight of the program is only 11.3 MB, make sure that after the updates there is enough memory on the disk.

The second way to fix error 1012 when installing zoom is to upgrade the OS to Windows 10, many new programs do not work on older computers.

TLS is the protection of data transmission on the Internet. Zoom has been using TLS 1.2 since August 2019 to protect its users. Therefore, you must enable TLS 1.2 on your computer to use the program.

TLS protects clients from being able to eavesdrop on or gain unauthorized access to a computer. Applications that use this type of protection cannot allow information to be shared. After the latest updates, you can be sure that Zoom can be used safely without fear that correspondence or other data will go to the wrong address.

If the message 1012 occurred on iOS, you must also update the software. An alternative to the Zoom program can be an application on a mobile phone, read here how to download it on a mobile phone .

If you need to hold an online meeting or connect urgently, and there is no time to reinstall Windows, log in through your browser. Go to your account settings and enable the function so as not to download the program, but simply connect through the browser, read how to do this in this article, we have described it step by step.

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What is error 1002 on Zoom?

If you are getting the Zoom Phone problem 1002: Poor network connection, check your network connection. This indicates that your network may not be capable of satisfying the bandwidth requirements for Zoom Phone, which could result in a decrease in audio quality. For assistance, get in touch with the Zoom Phone admin or your internet service provider.

How do I fix Zoom error 1006?

If the problem continues, you might need to update your Zoom client to the most recent version because doing so can frequently fix bugs and improve performance. If the problem does not go away, however, you can skip this step. You might also try turning off any antivirus software or changing the settings on your firewall, both of which could be preventing Zoom from connecting to the internet.

Why is Zoom giving me an error code?

Typically brought on by problems with the server. You can attempt the call again at a later time, or you can get assistance from your Zoom Phone admin. It’s possible that the settings for your network firewall or proxy server need to be adjusted.


What is error 10124 in Zoom?

When attempting to authorize a JWT key in the Zoom Demo SDK, you will receive the error 10124. Zoom Marketplace is the source of the SDH Key and secret that is being used. The signature has not been base64 encoded and was taken directly from the SDK Secret. When attempting to authorize using copy and paste from JWT to SDK, you will receive the error 10124 Lasterrortype_Auth.


When a computer receives the error code 100006000, it usually indicates that the computer is unable to connect to our servers. This is most likely due to a firewall or antivirus program that is preventing the Zoom app from connecting to our servers. Other possible causes include a network configuration issue. Check to see whether the application is being blocked by your antivirus software or your firewall.

What is error 1000000502 on Zoom?

If you are trying to join a Zoom meeting but are getting the error code 100000502, it may be because of a problem with the Zoom service. Please visit the Zoom Service Status page for further information regarding the current status of all Zoom services as well as any scheduled maintenance.