Zoom error 502 bad gateway

Error 502 may appear when your computer is not connected to the Internet. To fix the problem, you should first restart the browser, and if it does not help, then the PC.

Also, an error may occur due to problems associated with the operation of the server. One of the most common causes of problems is insufficient server capacity.

What to do when writes 502 bad gateway in Zoom

The 502 bad gateway error can come in forms such as:

  • HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway;
  • Temporary Error;
  • Error 502;
  • 502 Server Error.

Another reason for the error is an overload on a specific site server. When it appears, you can contact technical support for help and access to the site will be restored.

To solve this problem, you should analyze the load on memory and, if it is insufficient, you need to add it. If an error occurs frequently, it is necessary to check whether the limits on the number of certain processes are set correctly.

What to do when writes 502

At the same time, it is important:

  1. Use another browser;
  2. Clear browser cache;
  3. Checking the error log.
  4. To eliminate it, it is recommended to reduce the number of requests to other resources.
  5. One acceptable way to solve the problem is to wait until the load on the server decreases and the specialists solve this problem.