Zoom Webinar Registration Customization

You can customize the webinar registration process, including approving participants, activating registration email notifications, and adding registration questions.

By setting up source tracking for webinar registration, you can customize the appearance of the registration page with webinar registration branding and track the traffic to the registration page.

This page explains the following items.

  • Registration tab: Automatically or manually approve participants and enable email notification of participant registration.
  • Question tab: Select from the predefined settings of the question to be added to participant registration.
  • Custom question tab  : participants of the registration for you to add custom questions.


  • Webinar License
  • Webinar scheduled by registration

How to customize webinar registration


  • Log in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to My Webinar.
  1. Click the webinar item you want to customize.
  2. Scroll to the Invitations tab.
  3. In the Approval section, click Edit.
  4. You can access the following registration options:

[ Register] tab

In ” Registration “, check the ” Required ” item, and activate the registration required to fill in the participant’s form before webinar participation in order to activate the required registration. When the
check box is cleared, participants who have entered their name and email address on the webinar URL page are allowed to participate.

In the “Approve” field, select the type of approval process.

Automatic approval:  Users need to register in a webinar in advance, and they will be able to select the participation option after registration. Hosts can reject participants after registration.

Manual approval: The user must register in the webinar beforehand, and the host will be able to select the join option after approving the registration.

  • Send email to host when someone registers: Check this option if you want to receive an email when registering a webinar. Participants receive an email when the host approves registration.
  • Close registration after event date : Check this option if you do not wish to register after the webinar date and end date.
    Participants can register before the end of the webinar even after the date of the event and the webinar starts.
    For example, if you schedule a 2 hour webinar starting at 9 am, the registration will end at 11 am.
  • Allow participants to join from multiple devices : Check this option to allow webinar participants to join from multiple devices, such as computers and phones.
  • Show social share button on registration page: Check this item to show Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email sharing button on the registration page to make sharing easy.
  • Tracking Pixel:  Enter the tracking pixel URL to visit the registration page and make the registration successful.

[ Question] tab

Questions Go to the tab, put a check mark on the items to be included in the registration page. If you want to make the item mandatory , check the ” Required ” box. Users can not submit registrations without filling out all the check items.


  • Name and email address are required fields.
  • Some items, such as country/region, state/province, etc. will be displayed to participants as drop-down menus.

Custom Question Tab

  1. Click the Custom Question tab to add a question to the registration page.
  2. Click New Question to add a question.
  3. Select the type of question.
    Simple answer, single answer, multiple answer question
  4. See if you need a question.
  5. Enter your question.
  6. For single or multiple response questions, enter the response options.
  7. Click Create. Repeat the above steps to create another custom question.
  8. Click Save All to save your customized registration.